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Eurovision 2020 reveal 'Open Up' slogan

Overnight the Eurovision Song Contest revealed the 2020 slogan.... 'Open Up'.

The announcement was made via a YouTube video explaining the reasoning behind the move.

The slogan is meant to be open ended, with the Dutch Executive Producer of the event Sietse Bakker saying "The slogan ‘Open Up’ is intentionally incomplete: Open up to each other. Open up to music. Open up to Rotterdam. Open up to... whatever you choose! Feel the freedom to complete the slogan in your own way. That way we get to know each other better.”

And of course fans have been filling in their own gaps, some meaningful, some less so including wallets, police, dentistry work and others we can't mention here. We think Twitter @elainovision summed it up perfectly:

"Strong 2016 feels in how the slogan is both a beautiful message reflecting the hopes of Eurovision as a project and all it achieves.... AND a massive innuendo. #OpenUp #ComeTogether," ~ @elainovision

Fans have given it a generally positive to ok response, in an ongoing Aussievision poll (of 121 peope so far), 20% love the slogan, 25%, 43% think it's ok and 12% hate it.

More details will come including how the slogan will work in with the design of the logo.

For more information on next year's contest visit our Eurovision 2020 page.


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