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Estonia: Eesti Laul semi-final 1 results

This morning, Estonia held the first semi-final of their national final Eesti Laul.

10 artists competed with six getting through to February's grand final.

Four of the artists qualified with a jury and televote combination, they were:

Andreas - 'Why Do You Love Me'

Ollie - 'Venom'

Anett and Fredi - You Need to Move On'

Bedwetters - 'Monsters'

While the final qualifier chosen by televote alone was:

Janek - 'House of Glass'

Sadly, these entries are now out:

Ellip - 'Pretty Girl'

Kaw - 'Valik'

Merlyn - 'Unicorn Vibes'

Mia - 'Üks samm korraga'

Neon Letters and Maiko - 'Tokimeki'

The favourites of the juries were also revealed, with the top four (not in order):

Anett and Fredi - You Need to Move On'

Andreas - 'Why Do You Love Me'

Ellip - 'Pretty Girl'

Ollie - 'Venom'

You can see all performances on the ERR website:

A recap of the semi-final live performances is available below.

The second semi-final will take place this Sunday 15 January with the final on Sunday 12 February (Australian dates).

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