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Erica Padilla reveals snippet of her 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' song

Overnight, Erica Padilla revealed a snippet of her 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' song on TikTok.

The song, which is called 'To The Bottom', showcases the strong vocals that saw her win the TikTok wildcard competition.

Check out the 25-second clip has Erica playing the song for her friends to get their reaction.

The song is written by Erica Padilla herself, along with her sister and her friend.

She told Aussievision about having her original song included and the process of putting it together saying,

"When I first got the call that I was [the successful] wildcard Paul from Blink TV, told me that there were a lot of songs submissions that they could give me and that I could pick from and have a look out and see which one resonated with me the best. There [were] amazing songs in there. And I thought that, Australia would love these songs. But then I was thinking back to my artistry. And I was like, I love the songs, but I really want to show who I am as an artist. And Paul kind of hinted that I could send a demo of an original."

"I had that half an original song written, like two lines of a song. And I was like, look, I really want to do my own song. I got my best friend's Ally Eley, who's a name that you should remember. And then my little sister, Isabella. We wrote the song in two days. And then we got to mix on the third day, and then quickly sent off like a rough demo to Paul and the team. And I was like, What do you think? Like, do you think it's okay, and they were like no, yeah, we love it."

The full version of Erica's song will be out Friday 18 February.

You can watch our full interview with Erica below.

Visit our 'Eurovision - Australia Decides 2022': All you need to know' page for full information on the competition.


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