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Erica Padilla reveals details on her 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 entry

Image source: Erica Padilla / Instagram

It hasn't even been a week since we found out that Erica Padilla was the winner of the TikTok wildcard for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022!

The 11th artist to join the Australia Decides line up has had a busy week preparing for the big show, coming up in two weeks!

The Melbourne-based singer has revealed details on her Australia Decides song after spending time in Sydney with a busy schedule, recording at the Church St Studios with producer and audio engineer Sean Carey.

In an interview with Aussievision Erica shared her what it was like for her over the last week:

"I honestly, I love that trip so much, I wish that I could be doing that every day. I think that because a lot of the artists have had so much time to prepare, we had to kind of condense it all down in a few days. And I love that. I think that I'm such an over thinker as well that I think that if you gave me that much time to think about these things, I'd be changing my mind all the time and I love working in that high intensity like kind of environment with where like "go go go" I work best under that and I think that like it really gets gets like my blood going and like the adrenaline kicks in and it's been really fun. I don't feel any like pressure like I don't feel like I'm stressed or freaking out like I think it's just such a fun creative process and the team have made it so like easy to enjoy. They've made it fun, they are so humble and kind. They really are looking out for all of us. I'm just genuinely loving the experience."

When it comes to Erica's song for Australia Decides, she revealed she opted for a self-penned track:

"When I first got the call that I was [the successful] wildcard Paul from Blink TV, told me that there were a lot of songs submissions that they could give me and that I could pick from and have a look out and see which one resonated with me the best. There [were] amazing songs in there. And I thought that, Australia would love these songs. But then I was thinking back to my artistry. And I was like, I love the songs, but I really want to show who I am as an artist. And Paul kind of hinted that I could send a demo of an original."

"I had that half an original song written, like two lines of a song. And I was like, look, I really want to do my own song. I got my best friend's Ally Eley, who's a name that you should remember. And then my little sister, Isabella. We wrote the song in two days. And then we got to mix on the third day, and then quickly sent off like a rough demo to Paul and the team. And I was like, What do you think? Like, do you think it's okay, and they were like no, yeah, we love it."

Erica revealed that the song needed some work so she was introduced to Sean Carey:

"I worked with Sean Carey for the past couple of days. And he's been so amazing. He's really taken into account what I'm trying to achieve and the kind of attitude that I've had and the vibe I wanted. I feel like we were definitely on the same wavelength. It was what we were trying to accomplish. And I think we definitely came up with something that I just think is so amazing. It is such a big accomplishment for myself as an artist, because I've never really had the opportunity to really work with real instruments for one and work with just somebody who is on the same wavelength as me and knows what I'm trying to achieve and knows big and dramatic and helped me really achieve it. I'm so so proud of what we came up with. And grateful that I got to work with Sean he was honestly so understanding and yeah, he was great."

Erica's 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 entry is expected to released very soon.

Check out our full interview with Erica Padilla here:

You can catch Erica Padilla performing at ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2022’ on the Gold Coast on February 25 and 26 with other amazing Australian artists all vying for the coveted spot to represent Australia at Eurovision 2022 in Turn, Italy.

Tickets are available here, also you can watch the Australian Eurovision national final on SBS on February 26.


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