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Epic Eurovision 2010 song 'Run Away' by Sunstroke Project enters the global charts

The 2010 Moldovan Eurovision entry,  'Run Away', by Sunstroke Project has made its way on to the charts!

The group recently revealed via their Instagram account that 'Run Away' reached no. 10 on Shazam's Global Top 200 chart.

The Global Top 200 tracks the most Shazamed songs in the world. 'Run Away' is currently sitting at no. 13. On the Top 200 in the US it is currently at no. 40 and in Australia at no. 54. The infectious tune has peaked in the top 10 across the Americas:

  • no. 2 - Peru

  • no. 4 - Ecuador

  • no. 5 - Chile

  • no. 7 - Argentina

  • no. 9 - Venezuela

  • no. 10 - Mexico

The song itself has accumulated a total of 2,092,807 Shazams.

'Run Away' has also charted well on the iTunes charts! In Australia it has reached a high of no. 79 (16 December 2023). Also charting in other countries, the song has peaked in December 2023 at no. 21 in Italy, no. 52 in Spain, no. 67 in France and no. 79 on the Worldwide chart.

'Run Away' became an absolute iconic entry for Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest. The song was performed by Sunstroke Project and featured Moldovan singer Olia Tira on vocals. The Epic Sax Guy made his infamous debut, launching a memes and gifs for his sax solo.

At Eurovision, 'Run Away' finished in 22nd place in the Grand Final, but this was not be the last time we saw Sunstroke Project on the Eurovision stage, as they gave it a crack again in 2017 and finished in 3rd place with 'Hey Mamma', which was Moldova's best ever result.

When it comes to 'Run Away' current chart success it so far only on the Shazam and iTunes charts. On TikTok the song only has 2,638 videos so it hasn't exactly gone viral yet. We will have to see how big this epic 2010 song becomes over the coming months.

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