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EMA FREŠ wildcards decided for EMA 2020

The wildcards for EMA FREŠ have been decided and Saška and Parvani Violet won through to the Evrovizijska Melodija 2020 final on February 22.

They will join the 10 acts previously announced including Junior Eurovision graduate Lina Kuduzović and Tinkara Kovač who competed at Eurovision in 2014.

EMA FREŠ was a pre-selection contest open to artists under the age of 26 and who had released less than three singles. It was run with head to head battles and online voting with 10 songs going through to today's final.

This is the first time that Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV Slovenija) has used this pre-selection process. The winners for EMA FREŠ are decided a little differently to EMA. One of the winners won their wildcard spot with the public vote, whereas the other was chosen by the jury.

Astrid in Avantgarden was one of the favourites but didn't make it through.

In EMA (the main competition), the jury will select the two entries to proceed to the Superfinal. The public vote will then determine the winner.

The finalists for EMA 2020 are:

  • Ana Soklič - 'Voda' (Water)

  • Božidar Wolfand Wolf - 'Maybe Someday'

  • Gaja Prestor - 'Verjamem vase' (I believe in myself)

  • Imset- 'Femme Fatale'

  • INMATE - 'The Salt'

  • Klara Jazbec - 'Stop the World'

  • Lina Kuduzović - 'Man Like U"

  • Manca Berlec - 'Večnost' (Eternity)

  • Parvani Violet - 'Cupid' Saška - 'Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh' Simon Vadnjal - 'Nisi sam' (You're not alone)

  • Tinkara Kovač - 'Forever'

Slovenia have only participated 15 times in finals in their 25 attempts for the crystal trophy. They finished in 15th place with Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl (now known as ‘zalagasper’) and their lo-fi indie pop song ‘Sebi’ in 2019.


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