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Eden Golan releases 'Hurricane' for Eurovision 2024

Israel's entrant for Eurovision 2024, Eden Golan, has released the song she will be competing with at the contest titled 'Hurricane.'

Eden was selected through the singing competition 'HaKokhav Haba'.

For several weeks Israel's Eurovision broadcaster Kan and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have been in negotiations about their song for the contest. Here is a summary of the events and dates:

  • February 21: A report by Israeli news website Ynet claims that the EBU has rejected Israel's entry 'October Rain' due to the political content of the lyrics. Kan and the EBU both confirm that the broadcaster would be given the opportunity to change the lyrics of the song. However, Kan initially states that if they are asked to do this the country would simply withdraw from the contest.

  • February 22: Kan publishes the lyrics of 'October Rain'.

  • February 28: Ynet reports that a second song, 'Dance Forever', has also been rejected by the EBU.

  • March 3: Kan confirms that both 'October Rain' and 'Dance Forever' were both submitted to and rejected by the EBU.

  • March 5: Kan submits the song 'Hurricane' to the EBU, which has the same melody as 'October Rain' but different lyrics.

  • March 7: EBU reportedly approves 'Hurricane' to compete at Eurovision 2024.

At Eurovision 2024 Israel will be competing in the second half of the second semi-final on May 9.

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