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Eden Alene to represent Israel at Eurovision 2020

Overnight Israel selected their artist to represent them at Eurovision 2020, and it is 19 year old Eden Alene.

Eden won HaKokhav Haba L’Eurovision, beating out Ella-Lee Lahav, Gaya Shaki and Or Amrami-Brockman in the final.

Despite being only 19 years old, Eden has achieved quite a bit in her music career.

She won X-Factor in 2018, and so by winning this won herself a recording contract.

She’s the youngest Israeli representative since Nadav Guedj, and also the first Israeli representative to have been born in the new millennium.

HaKokhav Haba L’Eurovision is only the first part of Israel’s process to select their entry for Eurovision 2020. It was only designed to choose the artist, with HaShir HaBa used to choose the song.

HaShir HaBa will take place on 3rd March (5am AEDT 4th March). Eden will perform four songs, and then the Israeli public will get a chance to vote. The voting split will be 30% televote, 65% jury and 5% on-show judging panel. The songs will be revealed on the 27th February.

Israel will be looking to continue their great recent run of form this year, having qualified for the final every year since 2015 and even winning the competition in 2018.


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