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Denmark - Dansk Melodi Grand Prix public vote qualifying winners announced

The three public vote winners in the qualifying final have been revealed by Danmarks Radio (DR). They will now go on to compete in the final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP). A further two wildcards are yet to be determined by a jury. They winning entries are:

Ben & Tan, Kenny Duerland and Sander Sanchez were chosen via an online voting system where the Danish public could only vote for artists in the region in which they reside. The 3 acts will now go on to compete in the final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in Copenhagen on March 07. The five pre-selected acts plus the 2 wildcard jury winners will be announced on Friday January 31. Of the three acts selected today, all are relative newcomers to the Danish music scene, being between the ages of 17 to 23. Of note from the selection are two experienced Swedish songwriters: Linnea Debb and Jonas Thander. Linnea Debb helped co-write the 2015 Eurovision winning entry ‘Heroes’ by Måns Zelmerlöw and has since written ‘YES’ which will be performed by Ben & Tan. Jonas Thander, a prolific Eurovision songwriter, who helped collaborate on entries both in Junior Eurovision and Eurovision in 2019, with ‘Bigger Than Us’ (UK - Michael Rice) and ‘We Are More’ (Malta – Eliana Gomez), was behind Sander Sanchez’s entry ‘SCREENS’. This year will be the first year since 1999 that an orchestra will be used for the competition as 2020 celebrates the 50th anniversary of DMGP. Denmark first competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957. They have won three times, most recently in 2013 with Emmelie de Forest and her song ‘Only Teardrops’. Last year former figure skater Lenora finished in 12th place with ‘Love is Forever’.


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