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Danny from Voyager features on ABC's Conversations

Voyager's lead singer Danny Estrin has taken part on the ABC radio show and podcast, 'Conversations'.

The podcast is ABC's most popular and an institution in Australia, with Danny's episode hosted by Sarah Kanowski.

The discussion doesn't just focus on Danny's Eurovision experience but also goes back to his early life in Germany, his migration to Australia and his legal and music career.

Without giving too much away, Danny discussed how Voyager were chosen and what the Liverpool experience was like (including *that* sandwich moment) and summed up why he and Eurovision were the perfect fit, saying:

"It was almost like I was born and raised for this event. I could see it from an Australian perspective of 'don't take yourself too seriously' but at the same time I knew enough about every single part of Eurovision and Eurovision culture and every single country that participated that I could cogently speak to every media and make connections with so many people. For me it was one of the most glorious moments of my life."

The episode has been lauded by fans of the show, whether they know of Danny before hand or not.

A few comments from the ABC Conversations Fakebook page include:

"What an amazing interview. I loved Danny and Voyager on Eurovision and was so proud he was from the West. However his humanitarian law work was something I didn’t know about and also his amazing life story - to say nothing about that hair!"

"Great conversation, looks can be so deceiving!"

"I loved this, engaging, entertaining & he sounds like a wonderfully colourful human being." "Great convo with a fascinating man."

"I loved this interview Building the layers below the image was enlightening."

You can listen to the ABC Conversations podcast episode on the ABC Conversations website or on Apple, Spotify (links embedded below) or wherever you get your podcasts.

Voyager also recently released their eighth studio album 'Fearless in Love' which reached no.35 on the ARIA Chart.

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