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Dami Im releases her first book 'Dreamer'

Image credit: Hachette Australia

Dami Im's highly anticipated memoir, 'Dreamer', is out now!

Dami's autobiography runs through her time on 'The X Factor Australia' in 2013, which she went on to win, to her huge achievement at Eurovision 2016 finishing in runner-up place with 'Sound of Silence', which remains Australia's best result in the Contest.

The book covers how this shy Korean-born Australian girl, who started school with very little English and kept her dream of becoming an entertainer to herself, became a global sensation and is a story of sacrifice, determination and talent.

Things weren't always easy. Behind the scenes some in the music industry had tried to change her, pressuring her to do as she was told and sweeping aside her creative input. Dami didn't give in - she refused to compromise her values and stood up for herself and her vision. Now, she has emerged as the artist she was always destined to be.

When it comes to Dami's time at representing Australia at Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm she really shares a first hand account of the highs and lows of her Eurovision experience.

It is a glimpse of what many artists that compete in the biggest song contest in the world go through, yet we never usually hear about. It really is an eye opening experience to read first hand what hurdles Dami had to get through to get Australia their best result ever at Eurovision!

Dami shares her thoughts ahead of her Eurovision experience in Stockholm:

"I really wanted to do well. I remember looking out the plane window at the clouds on the flight to Stockholm and quite solemnly thinking to myself: In a couple of weeks, I'll be coming home on this flight and I'll know what place I came in the competition. That number will stay

with me for the rest of my life. It was such a heavy thought, which sounds more like a soldier going into war rather than a performer on stage but that was how serious it was for me. I wasn't going to Eurovision to have a good time, I was going to deliver. I wasn't going to be okay if I got a mediocre result." ~ Extract from 'Dreamer' (Hachette Australia)

Dami also shares how she felt after the Contest was over. Revealing how an artist feels after having the world at their feet to then having to adapt back to normal life. 'Dreamer' is a must read for all Eurovision fans.

'Dreamer' book tour

In celebration of the book release, Dami is embarking on a book tour. The dates are:

  • November 14, 2022 at the Darlinghurst Theatre Company, Darlinghurst, NSW

  • November 30, 2022 at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane, QLD

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