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Czechia: ESCZ songs out and voting open!

The EBU with Czech broadcaster, Česká Televize (ČT), have now released all the songs of their national final ESCZ .

The show took place this morning Australian time with the seven acts performing their songs to a live audience.

You can rewatch the live performances here.

However, unlike many national finals, the winner was not chosen on the night. The winner will be decided by:

  • 70% International online voting

  • 30% Czech online voting

The winning entry will be revealed at a later date and you can vote here with voting closing on 11 December. The winner of ESCZ will be revealed later this month.

The seven songs are listed below, in no particular order.

Tom Sean - 'Dopamine Overdose'

Elly - 'The Angel's Share'

Mydy - 'Red Flag Parade'

Lenny - 'Good Enough'

Aiko - 'Pedestal'

Tomas Roin - 'Out Of My Mind'

Gianna Lei - 'Starlet'

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Любочка Лазебна
Любочка Лазебна
07 dic 2023
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