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Croatia reveals artists for their national final Dora 2021

Overnight the Croatian broadcaster HRT revealed the 14 artists and song titles competing in their national final Dora in 2021.

The artists and song titles are:

  • Albina - 'Tick-Tock'

  • Ashley Colburn & Bojan Jambrošić - 'Share the Love'

  • Bernarda Brunović - 'Colors'

  • Beta Sudar - 'Ma zamisli'

  • Brigita Vuco - 'Noći pijane'

  • Ella Orešković - 'Come This Way'

  • Eric Vidović - 'Reći mi'

  • Filip Rudan - 'Blind'

  • Klapa Cambi - 'Zaljubljen'

  • Mia Negovetić - 'She's Like a Dream'

  • Nina Kraljić - 'Rijeka'

  • Sandi Cenov - 'Kriv'

  • ToMa - 'Ocean of Love'

  • Tony Cetinski & Kristijan Rahimovski - 'Zapjevaj, sloboda je!'

A few familiar names have appeared in the line-up including:

Nina Kraljić

Nina represented Croatia at Eurovision in 2016 with 'Lighthouse'. She qualified for the final finishing in 23rd place. It was the first time Croatia made the final since 2009.

Mia Negovetić

Mia finished runner-up at Dora 2020 behind Damir Kedžo with her song 'When it Comes to You'. Her 2021 song is co-written by Linea Deb who has behind Eurovision entries 'Heroes' (2015), 'You' (2013), 'Monsters' (2018) and 'Yes' (2020).

Also names some will know among songwriters is Max Cinnamon. The French 'Destination Eurovision' star of 2018 has co-written Albina's track, while Eurovision songwrting star Boris Milanov is a co-writer of Bernarda Brunović's entry. Bernarda was a hit on the Voice Germany.

Dora will take place on 13 February 2021.


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