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Croatia: Dora 2024 semi-final 1 results

This morning, Croatian Eurovision broadcaster Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT) held semi-final 1 of their national final Dora 2024. The eight acts advancing to the Final are:

Pavel – 'Do Mjeseca'

Vinko – 'Lying Eyes'

Eugen – 'Tišine'

Mario Battifiaca feat. Robert Ferlin – 'Vodu piti trizan biti'

Stefany Žužić – 'Sretnih dana dat' će Bog'

Saša Lozar – 'Ne plačem zbog nje'

Let 3 – 'Babaroga'

Lana Mandarić – 'More'

The four acts that were eliminated are:

Noelle – 'Baby, Baby'

Misha – 'One Day'

Erna – 'How Do You Love Me'

Barbara Munjas – 'Nepobjediva'

Eight more entries will advance to the Final from semi-final 2. This will be decided tomorrow on Saturday 24 February (Australian time) at 6.45am ADST. The FInal will then be contested on Monday 26 February (Australian time). Both semi-finals will use a 100% public voting system, while the Final will be determined by 50% public voting, 25% national jury and 25% international jury. This is the first time that the contest will be held in Zagreb, as well as using a two semi-final competition since Dora was reintroduced in 2019.

Croatia has not yet won the Eurovision Song Contest, however 1989 Yugoslavian winners Riva hailed from the Balkan nation.

Croatia made their debut as an independent nation in 1993 and have competed 28 times. Croatia's best result are two fourth-place finishes with Maja Blagdan in 1996 with 'Sveta ljubav' and Doris in 1999 with 'Marija Magdalena'. Last year Croatia was represented by Let 3 with 'Mama ŠČ!' which finished in 13th place.

DORA 2024 will be streamed live at the following times:

Central European Time: Sunday 25 February - 8:15pm

Melbourne, Sydney, ACT and Tasmania: Monday 26 February - 6.15am

Brisbane: Monday 26 February - 5.15am

Adelaide: Monday 26 February - 5.45am

Darwin: Monday 26 February - 4.45am

Perth: Monday 26 February - 3.15am

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