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Bulgaria: VICTORIA Will Sing 'Growing Up Is Getting Old' at Eurovision 2021

Following an open internal selection which saw six songs contend to represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest, VICTORIA, BNT, and iCard have selected 'Growing Up Is Getting Old' to represent Bulgaria in Rotterdam.

'Growing Up Is Getting Old' was written by Victoria Georgieva, Maya Nalani, Helena Larsson, and Oliver Björkvall. About the song, VICTORIA said:

“You can grow as a person in many different ways. Sometimes going back to your roots helps you to find your purpose on Earth.”

The song announcement came at the end of a special one-hour concert of VICTORIA's potential Eurovision songs and biggest hits, filmed from the roof of the Grand Hotel Sofia. The show saw some of the biggest stars in Bulgaria coming together in support of VICTORIA, telling the audiences which of the songs were their favourites.

Video messages were sent from many of this year's Eurovision artists, including Iceland's Daði Freyr singing to VICTORIA about hoping to see her in Rotterdam, San Marino's Senhit crossing her fingers for luck, and our own Montaigne hoping she has lots of fun and congratulating her on getting to Eurovision. Other video messages came in from Blas Cantó, The Roop, Hurricane, Blind Channel, James Newman, Vincent Bueno, Jeangu Macrooy, and Eden Alene.

More than 5,000 people watched the concert on VICTORIA's YouTube channel, where in the live chat she spoke with fans.

All of the songs originally ran over the three minute mark, meaning that the songs needed to be edited down to fit Eurovision requirements. 'Growing Up Is Getting Old' also features an updated music video for its official release as Bulgaria's Eurovision entry for Rotterdam in 2021.

Bulgaria’s internal selection process saw VICTORIA release the tracks of her new EP one single per day for a week, alongside ‘UGLY CRY’ which had been previously released, and opened an online platform for fans to give their feedback on the potential songs. The feedback provided by fans then went into the decision-making process.

VICTORIA was originally intended to be Bulgaria’s representative to the Eurovision Song Contest last year, before it was ultimately cancelled. Bulgarian broadcaster BNT internally selected her last year with the song ‘Tears Getting Sober’.

Born in Varna, Bulgaria, Victoria Georgieva, under the mononym VICTORIA has been singing since the age of eleven, and found national fame while competing on the fourth season of ‘X Factor Bulgaria’, where she placed sixth. She joined Monte Music, where she released three songs, before parting with the company due to mutual conflicts.

VICTORIA will be performing in the second half of the second semi-final at Eurovision.


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