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Bulgaria are back for Eurovision 2020

After a golden run at Eurovision from 2016 to 2018, fans were left disappointed when the nation withdrew for this year's competition.

This week they could celebrate as they officially announced they would be back for the contest in 2020.

They stated on Twitter that:

"We are delighted to announce that Bulgaria is set to take part at #Eurovision 2020. More exciting details will follow soon."

And those details did follow soon with Bulgaria confirming they would announce their artist on November 25.

The next question is who will it be?

Bulgaria at Eurovision

Bulgaria made their debut in 2005 and have competed on 12 occasions. They have qualified for the final four times including a 2nd place in 2017 with Kristian Kostov's 'Beautiful Mess'.

Two other songs have made the Top 5, Poli Genova's 'If Love Was a Crime' came 4th in 2016 and Elitsa and Stoyan came 5th in 2007 with 'Water'.


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