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Average ranking of Eurovision nations since 2015 - 1st to 43rd

The only good thing about Eurovision being over for another year is that we get to now analyse the stats and stories that came out of the Contest.

One we've always been interested in here at Aussievision is how countries stack up against each other in terms of results.

We've taken a look at the average ranking each nation has had since Australia joined the competition in 2015.

And for those interested, rankings of non-qualifiers is taken by their semi-final results (so lowest semi-final points = last place).

Ok, let's count down the Top 10:

10. Cyprus

Average rank: 15.8

Cyprus is the quiet achiever at Eurovision. They have qualified six times in a row (third longest streak behind Ukraine and Sweden) and consistently send quality entries. They have only made one Top 10 since 2015 (2nd in 2018 with 'Fuego') but Elena Tsagrinou's solid 16th position with 'El Diablo' saw them retain their average score and move up 1 place into the Top 10. Consistency pays off!

9. Norway

Average rank: 14.7

Norway has made the Top 10 in half the years since 2015 ('A Monster Like Me', 'Grab the Moment' and 'Spirit in the Sky'). Tix's 'Fallen Angel' may have been Norway's worst placing in a Grand Final (though 'Icrebreaker' NQd in 2016 finishing 31st) but their average ranking has only slightly dropped from 14 to 14.7. This was enough to unfortunately drop them down from =6th to 9th place, however the Scandinavians remain one of the most consistent Eurovision nations of modern times.

8. Israel

Average rank: 14.5

Israel's average ranking dropped from 14 to 14.5 seeing them fall from =6th to 8th overall. Eden Alene's 'Set Me Free' saw the country in the Grand Final for the sixth time running which included a win with 'Toy' in 2018 and another Top 10 with 'Golden Boy' in 2015.

7. Australia

Average rank: 13.2

Well it was always going to happen at some point, Australia non-qualified for the first time. 'Technicolour's final position of 34 did drag down the average rank from 9 to 13.2. Saying that, Australia has still made the Top 10 on four occasions ('Tonight Again', 'Sound of Silence', 'Don't Come Easy' and 'Zero Gravity') out of six contests - an incredible record. We dropped from 4th to 7th place in this list.

6. France

Average rank: 12.3

France have done really quite well at the Contest since 2016. In that time they've had two Top 10s ('J'ai cherche' and 'Voila') with the remaining three entries ranging from 12th to 16th (with 2015 the outlier in 25th). Being in the Grand Final every time does help of course, but this is one Big 5 nation that deserves their spot. Barbara Pravi's runner-up finish this year has seen them rocket up to 6th place from 9th previously.

5. Ukraine

Average rank: 11.8

Ukraine has only competed four out of the last six years but has had two very strong results with a win in 2016 and Go_A's 'Shum' finishing 5th this year. They also continued their qualification streak to 14 times in a row, the only remaining nation with a 100% record. That 2021 result saw their average rank rise from 14 to 11.8 moving them into the Top 5.

4. Russia

Average rank: 10.6

Take out the 2018 result for Russia and their average rank is just over 4, but that one non-qualifier really hits them hard. Manizha's 9th place for 'Russian Woman' was the nation's fourth Top 10 in five Contests (including a 2nd and two 3rds). This year helped them move a little higher (11 to 10.6) and take Australia's former position of 4th place.

3. Bulgaria

Average rank: 7.8

Bulgaria remains in 3rd place overall following their massive turn around in Eurovision since 2016. They've had four qualifiers in a row including a 2nd ('Beautiful Mess') and a 4th ('If Love Was a Crime'). 'Growing up is getting old' just missed the Top 10 this year in 11th and despite a slight drop in their average rank from 6.7 to 7.8, they still remain big players in recent times.

2. Sweden

Average rank: 6.2

Tusse finishing 14th with 'Voices' was the first time Sweden missed the Top 10 since 2013 - an incredible record! They've had a win with 'Heroes' in 2015 as well as three 5th places ('If I Were Sorry', 'I Can't Go On' and 'Too Late for Love'). However this year's result has dropped their average ranking from 4.6 to 6.2 and sees them fall from 1st place to 2nd.

1. Italy

Average rank: 5.5

The old King is dead, long live the new King! Italy jumps in front of Sweden and takes out first place in average ranks after Måneskin's win this year! They have finished in the Top 6 on five of the last six Contests including this year's 1st place, 2nd in 2019 with 'Soldi' and 3rd in 2015 with 'Grande Amore'. They have also done this all in their native language of Italian, in fact the only song to combine English and Italian ('No Degree of Separation) was also the only one to finish outside the Top 10 (16th). A wonderful era for Italy and now they will host Eurovision in 2022.

Biggest movers in the rest of the field were:

Going up

  • Lithuania - 20th to 15th

  • Moldova - 23rd to 18th

  • Malta - 30th to 20th

  • Albania - 29th to 24th

  • Greece - 33rd to 28th

  • Switzerland - 38th to 32nd

  • Iceland - 42nd to 36th

Going down

  • Czech Republic - 21st to 30th

  • Estonia - 21st to 27th

  • Poland - 25th to 31st

  • Latvia - 32nd to 38th

Rest of the placings are below:

11. The Netherlands - 16.2

12. Belgium - 16.5

13. Azerbaijan - 16.8

14. Serbia - 18

15. Lithuania - 19.2

16. Hungary - 19.2

17. Portugal - 19.7

18. Moldova - 20.7

19. Austria - 21.3

20. Malta - 21.5

21. Romania - 21.8

21. Germany - 21.8

23. Armenia - 22.6

24. Albania - 22.8

25. Spain - 23

26. UK - 23.2

27. Estonia - 23.3

28. Denmark - 23.5

28. Greece - 23.5

30. Czech Republic - 24.2

31. Poland - 24.3

32. Switzerland - 24.8

33. Slovenia - 26

34. Croatia - 27

34. Bosnia and Herzegovina - 27

36. Iceland - 27.3

37. Belarus - 27.4

38. Latvia - 27.5

39. Georgia - 28.3

40. Finland - 28.8

41. North Macedonia - 30.3

42. Montenegro - 31.8

43. Ireland - 32

43 San Marino - 32


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