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Australia scores points in The Euro Jury 2023 from Latvia and Ukraine

Image credit: Paulo Herrera & Eurovoix

Top 10 placings from The Euro Jury 2023 continue to be revealed, with results from 29 countries so far.

'Promise' from Voyager have now received points from the juries of Latvia and Ukraine.

Voyager last received points from the juries of San Marino and the Netherlands, which you can check out here.

So far Australia has received top 3 results from Spain, and top 10 results from the UK, Georgia, San Marino, the Netherlands, Latvia and Ukraine.

The Euro Jury makes a return for 2023 where artists, musicians, and songwriters are invited to vote on this years Eurovision songs as part of the jury. This makes up for 50% of the vote. The remaining 50% is decided by the public.

The Euro Jury 2023 is organised by the Eurovoix team. They have selected 128 jury members from 43 countries.

Each juror is asked to create a ranking of their favourite competing Eurovision 2023 songs which is combined with the other jurors in their country.

The following have placed Australia in their top 10 or their top 3 (shown in bold):


The jury members from Latvia are:

  • Intars Busulis – Represented Latvia at Eurovision 2009

  • Lauris Valters – Participated in Latvia’s Eurovision 2018 selection

  • Markus Riva – Participated in numerous Latvian Eurovision selections

  • Yana Kay – Represented Latvia at Eurovision 2003 as part of F.L.Y.

Latvia's top 10 in a random order (top 3 in bold):

Image credit: Eurovoix


The jury members from Ukraine are:

  • Aghiazma – Participated in Ukraine’s Eurovision 2017 selection

  • INOYSON – Participated in Ukraine’s Eurovision 2018 selection

Ukraine top 10 in a random order (top 3 in bold):

Image credit: Eurovoix

The full results of The Euro Jury will be revealed on April 29.

The Euro Jury began in 2014 with Australia having success in the competition. Australia overall won The Euro Jury in 2015 with Guy Sebastian's song 'Tonight Again'. In 2016 Australia won The Euro Jury jury vote matching with Dami Im's jury vote win at Eurovision with 'Sound of Silence'.

You can follow the results from all countries as they come through on the Eurovoix website.

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