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Australia's Eurovision 2022 delegation hosts talk about their experience in Turin

From left to right: Marty, Michelle and Momo, images supplied

The Australian delegation had three volunteer hosts in Turin for Eurovision 2022, Marty, Michelle and Momo. They worked tirelessly assisting Sheldon Riley and the Australian delegation.

We previously interviewed the trio, back in May, getting to know them and asking them all about their love for Eurovision.

Recently we went Marty, Michelle and Momo to find out how they went with the whole Eurovision 2022 experience. They shared with us some of their special memories and tips they have to those who might be interested in being volunteer delegation hosts in the UK for Eurovision 2023.

Find out what they had to say:

What was the experience like with the Australian delegation?

Working with the Australian delegation was insanely exciting. I could not believe the level of the organisation of the press and production team, every day we got from Angela Downing (BlinkTV) a detailed schedule of every single activity. They are an incredibly professional team of people, and they managed to really make us volunteers feel like part of the core team by trusting us with important tasks. Sheldon's artistic team too was amazing to us. We had so much fun together at the Opening Ceremony. For sure there were stressful times where there was no time for joking around, but even then they always managed to stay very respectful and professional with us. ~ Marty

It was incredible. From the beginning, we felt warmly welcomed into Sheldon's dream and not only because the whole team was kind to us, but above all for their professionalism. They have never underestimated our role, allowing us to contribute with value to the success of this experience. For me, the best team ever. ~ Michelle

It was more than amazing, wasn’t expecting that, they were all so kind, sweet, friendly and even protective - like a big family. ~ Momo

What is your most memorable moment you will cherish forever that you would like to share?

I think the most memorable moment was the first time I saw Sheldon performing his song during the rehearsal. It was surreal, we were sitting in the green room like artists do during the show, and the more he rehearsed the more I cried. It's so much more powerful hearing the song and watching the performance live. I have to say though, trying his 40kg skirt on was pretty memorable too! ~ Marty

I should make a very long list. But what remained most impressed in my memory is certainly that of the backstage of the final, immediately before Sheldon's last performance. Watching him find concentration in the midst of the chaos of operators and workers running from one side to the other, with the notes of 'Hold Me Closer' by Cornelia Jakobs in the background. I felt transported to a magical dimension that floated above everything else. ~ Michelle

It’s that funny moment when I wanted white high heels for the opening ceremony outfit and Sheldon gave me his high heels and we were both wearing the same ones - at the end he asked me if I was comfortable with them, I said “Yes” - he said “YOU CAN KEEP THEM” ~ Momo

What did you take away from the whole Eurovision 2022 experience?

My perspective on the Eurovision definitely shifted after this experience for sure. I guarantee that you cannot imagine how big the work is behind an event such as this one. Now that I know a lot more of the hidden mechanisms, I indeed feel like it is more of a television show rather than a music show. And I don't mean it in a negative way! There are just so many artistic aspects coming together. And yes, I made a lot of friends as well, so many it is hard to keep in touch with all of them! But it is definitely a great opportunity for networking, especially if like me you wish to keep working in similar industries. ~ Marty

When I joined Eurovision I needed to recharge myself with positive energy, go back to believing in dreams and trust people again. I couldn't have made a better choice. I have made many friends and met wonderful, willing people with experiences and mindsets similar to mine. Furthermore, realising how "real" your idols are and contexts like these can allow you to understand how tangible the "impossible" can actually be with the right mix of commitment, determination, and a bit of subversive energy. ~ Michelle

Eurovision was like a treasure. I made a lots of new friends from all over the world, I even got more than 500 new followers on Instagram. Eurovision is a special world that we all want to live in - peace, love and diversity - nothing more important than that. ~ Momo

Now that Eurovision 2023 will take place in the United Kingdom what advice do you have for Eurovision fans that are thinking about applying to volunteer as a delegation host?

Eurovision is very short but very intense, so it can be very overwhelming. It is important to be aware that you may not get as many directions and guidance through this as you would expect, so you will have to be flexible and expect unpredictability. It is important to be good at communicating with the people in your team about what you are doing, so that everyone is informed at all times. And even if you don't get assigned to your dream role, it's gonna be an amazing experience anyway! ~ Marty

Get ready for intense days full of emotions, expect everything and enjoy one of the most incredible experiences of your life. And if you are unsure because you think it is not worth your time, I assure you that this experience will give you back the value of the time invested with things that cannot be bought. ~ Michelle

Just do it, it’s an amazing experience that you’ll never forget, trust me! No words can explain how fun and interesting it was, full of energy, sad and happy moments. ~ Momo

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Keep fit. You will never know if you will have to carry a magnificent 40 kg gown up and down the stairs. And dear Aussie delegation, why not double up? ~ Michelle

Yas! Eurovision 2023 volunteers, try your best, but it’s never enough to challenge me. I’ll try to volunteer again this year. And don’t you ever challenge a gay Eurovision fan, because it is the end. ~ Momo

The Aussievision team would love to thank Marty, Michelle, and Momo for talking to us again. We appreciate all the hard work you put in. You made us Aussies very proud. All the best for the future.

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