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Australia reveal their OGAE Poll 2024 votes

Australia has revealed their votes in the OGAE Poll for Eurovision 2024!

Each year the Eurovision fan clubs from across the world vote for their favourite Eurovision songs ahead of the Contest.

39 countries have revealed their votes so far in this year's poll and today it was Australia's turn.

Here's how Australia voted -

The points were mainly collected by attendees at the recent Eurovision preview parties put on by the club in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Only the votes of OGAE Australia members at those parties counted towards the total.

Australia has so far received points from Latvia and Estonia in the poll.

OGAE Australia Eurovision Preview Party Results - City-by-City

OGAE Australia has also broken down the voting further to show the results from each of the preview parties it has hosted throughout Australia in April.

Here's a city by city breakdown:





  1. Switzerland

  1. Switzerland

  1. Netherlands

  1. Netherlands

2. Netherlands

2. Netherlands

2. Croatia

2. Croatia

3. Croatia

3. Italy

3. Switzerland

3. Switzerland

4. Italy

4. Croatia

4. Austria

4. Austria

5. Spain

5. Spain

5. Italy

5. Lithuania

6. Finland

6. Austria

6. Finland

6. Belgium

7. Austria

7. Sweden

7. United Kingdom

7. Ukraine

8. Lithuania

8. France

8. Norway

8. Cyrprus

9. Estonia

9. Czechia

9. Spain

9. Italy

10. United Kingdom

10. Finland

10. Armenia

10. Spain

You can see the full results at the OGAE Australia website here

How does the OGAE poll work?

The clubs are part of Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision (OGAE) International.

Every year since 2007, OGAE has conducted a pre-Eurovision Song Contest poll in which every national club cast a vote from all entries participating, using the same scoring system as the one at Eurovision.

The act that receives the most votes gets 12 points, the second most receives 10 points, and then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point for the remaining acts in descending order of popularity. Just like at Eurovision, OGAE clubs cannot vote for their own country.

On six occasions, the OGAE poll has successfully predicted the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, with a further three OGAE poll winners coming in second or third place.

Previous Eurovision winners that were predicted by the OGAE poll are -

  • 2007 - Serbia - 'Molitva'

  • 2009 - Norway - 'Fairytale'

  • 2012 - Sweden - 'Euphoria'

  • 2013 - Denmark - 'Only Teardrops'

  • 2018 - Israel - 'Toy'

  • 2023 - Sweden - 'Tattoo'

After 39 countries have voted the Top 5 as of 25 April 2024 are -

  1. Italy - 267 points

  2. Croatia - 260 points

  3. Switzerland - 228 points

  4. Belgium - 182 points

  5. France - 134 points

You can find the full results of the OGAE Poll 2024 via the OGAE International site.

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