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Australia picks up Euro Jury votes from Kazakhstan

Australia has picked up a fifth set of points in Eurovoix’s Euro Jury competition of 2021.

The jury of Kazakhstan put Montaigne’s ‘Technicolour’ in their top 10, although we won’t know the exact placing until May 7, when the full results of the Euro Jury will be revealed.

The Kazakh jury consisted of:

  • Karakat Bashanova – Represented Kazakhstan at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with ‘Forever’

  • Yerzhan Maxim – Represented Kazakhstan at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with ‘Armanyńnan qalma’

After 42 juries have voted, Australia has received points from five countries – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The full results and placings won’t be known until Euro Jury final results are revealed on May 7 (European time) but for now each nation’s top 10 (with top 3 in bold) is revealed.

Since 2013 fan site Eurovoix has been holding ‘Euro Jury’, a contest that sees artists from all over Europe vote on the songs and combined it with a public vote. The last two Eurovision winning songs, ‘Toy’ and ‘Arcade’ were former Euro Jury champions while it also has a strong record of predicting high scoring jury songs.

Jury results are being revealed day-by-day with the full breakdown announced on May 7 at


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