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Australia pick up Eurojury points from Moldova, Netherlands, Serbia and Germany

Today the Eurojury results from Moldova, The Netherlands and Serbia were revealed with ALL three giving points to Australia!

This follows up points received by Germany on Thursday.

Eurojury is an annual competition that combines a jury score from musicians of each Eurovision nation with a public vote to come up with an overall winner.

There are 180 artists in the juries include Conchita, Dami Im and Emmelie de Forest and it's a contest that Aussievision is officially supporting in 2020.

Although all songs were placed in the jury's top 10s, we don't know exactly where... yet!

The full results will be announced in the live Eurojury broadcasts (semi finals and final) on 27 Apri, 29 April and 1 May via

Australia has received points from 10 of the 36 countries that have voted so far: Switzerland, Iceland, Armenia, Sweden, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Serbia, Moldova and The Netherlands.

The countries appearing to be doing the best with the juries so far are Sweden, Malta, Iceland, Romania, Russia and Switzerland.

You can also have your say as the public vote available here:


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