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Aussievision Votes: Our OGAE Second Chance Rankings

The annual OGAE Second Chance Contest sees each official fan club (OGAE Australia, OGAE Sweden etc) select a song that didn't win their national final to battle it out in a Eurovision style contest.

The competition has been running since 1987 and Sweden have taken out the title on 15 occasions including most recently in 2017 and 2014.

Artists like Måns Zelmerlöw, Carola, Sanna Nielsen, Hera Björk, Yohanna and Helena Paparizou have all taken out the title.

Last year France won with Seemone's 'Tous Les Deux' beating Il Volo from Italy for the title, with Anna Bergendahl for Sweden coming 3rd and Australia finishing 4th on debut with Electric Fields.

This year 22 songs are in the running including Jaguar Jonze with 'Rabbit Hole' for Australia (as voted by OGAE Australia members).

The Aussievision team have gone through all entries and voted for our favourites (excluding Jaguar Jonze) and here is our Top 10 in reverse order:

10. Jaagup Tuisk – 'Beautiful Lie' (Estonia)

40 points (12 points from Hugo and Ruby)

This was the song many fans expected to take out Estonia's Eesti Laul this year. Jaagup ultimately lost out on televote in the Superfinal with Uku Suviste picking up a whopping 68%, while Jaagup claimed 2nd place with just 16%.

Despite some slick staging the song ultimately lost some of its studio quality live, with many also comparing the song to 2019 Eurovision winner 'Arcade'.

Jaagup picked up points from 8 out of the 16 Aussievision contributors including two lots of 12 points.

9. Eden Alene – 'Roots' (Israel)

43 points (7 points from Jayde, Alyce and Miles)

Eden Alene put on four great performances in the national selection of her song for Eurovision, so picking a OGAE Second Chance entry would have been difficult. OGAE Israel ultimately went for 'Roots' which was the jury/professional favourite and 2nd favourite with the televote.

9 out of 16 Aussievision team members voted for the song with 7 points her highest score from three contributors.

8. Khayat – 'Call for Love' (Ukraine)

51 points (7 points from Dale and Kyriakos)

Khayat's distinctive song and vocal style saw him finish runner-up to Go_A in a really interesting Vidbir contest this year. He finished 3rd with the juries and 2nd in the televote with 20.9% of the vote (Go_A received 25.4%).

11 out of 16 of our contributors voted for the song with 7 points his highest score from two team members.

7. Albert Cerny – 'Lucy' (Poland)

58 points (12 points from Wade, 10 points from Hugo and Jayde)

Albert from Eurovision 2019 act Lake Malawi (from the Czech Republic!) took part in Poland's National Final 'Szansa na sukces'.

Albert is from the town of Třinec which is just a few kilometres from the Polish border which partly explains his participation.

Albert co-wrote the song with other songwriters including 2018 Eurovision entrant Cesár Sampson. Unfortunately they finished 2nd with the jury and public, but have a second chance here in this contest.

Despite only 8 of the 16 Aussievision team members voting for Albert, he did pick up four Top 3 positions from the team jumping him up to 7th place.

6. Anna Bergendahl – 'Kingdom Come' (Sweden)

66 points (12 points from Dale, 10 points from Mike)

OGAE Sweden picked Anna Bergendahl to represent them in this contest for the second straight year.

She did finish 3rd in Melodifestivalen this year (compared to 10th last year) and of course also finished 3rd in the OGAE Second Chance Contest in 2019.

However, many will be surprised not to see Dotter and 'Bulletproof' in the competition after losing the Melfest final by a single point!

Saying that I'm personally delighted to see her there....12 of the 16 Aussievision voters gave her points, with three putting her in their Top 3 including a 1st place (from Dale -that's me!).

5. Monique - 'Make Me Human' (Lithuania)

76 points (10 points from Wade and Steve, 8 points from Jayde)

Lithuania changed the title of their National Final to Pabandom iš naujo! (Translation: Let's try again!) and it seemed to work for them.

Normally a National Final that feels like it goes on for half a year with questionable quality, it "turned it out" this year with an excellent winner and numerous top quality songs in and out of the final.

OGAE Lithuania opted for Monique over other great acts like Monika Marija, Aistė Pilvelytė, Rūta Loop and KaYra and it seems the Aussievision team agrees with the choice.

12 of the 16 team members gave this points including three lots of Top 3 votes.

4. Elvana Gatja – 'Me Tana' (Albania)

96 points (12 points from Jayde, 10 points from Liv, Emma and Alyce)

This was always going to be the choice for Albania. The first runner-up in the National Final season and the first controversy.

With five jurors deciding the result international jurors Christer Björkman, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Felix Bergsson gave Elvana 1st place, while the two Albanian jurors gave her 5th and 11th, opening the door for Arilena Ara to snatch victory.

The song however is a huge hit with fans and very much with our Aussievision team members.

Again 12 out of our 16 contributors gave it points with eight of them putting her in their Top 3. A great result!

3. Erika Vikman – 'Cicciolina' (Finland)

96 points (12 points from Steve, 10 points from Dale, Guy, Fleur, Laura and Ruby).

From one "robbery" to another.

Erika was the clear fan favourite going into Finland's UMK National Final and was many people's favourite song of the year overall.

However a retro song with dancing bears was always going to struggle with a jury. Despite a close popular vote win, the overall numbers didn't quite go her way finishing runner-up to Aksel's 'Looking Back'.

11 of the 16 Aussievision team members put this in their Top 10, with nine of them putting Erika in their Top 3.

Despite finishing on the same points as 'Me Tana' she scrapes into 3rd place with more people giving her 10 points than Elvana.

2. Rein Alexander – "One Last Time" (Norway)

97 points ( 12 points from Alyce, Emma and Fleur)

An iconic performance that wouldn't be out of place in 'The Story of Fire Saga'.

With dancing rising from the smoke and fire stunts, Rein Alexander brought a 'Game of Thones' style theatrical performance to Norway's Melodi Grand Prix.

In the final he shockingly missed the Top 4 Gold Final after an online voting mishap saw the finalists chosen by at thirty-member demoscopic jury panel who only heard audio versions of each song.

It's no surprise this is popular with our Australian team members and he managed points from 12 of our them including three lots of 12 points. A worthy runner-up!

1. Elodie – 'Andromeda' (Italy)

106 points (12 points from Mike, Kyriakos, Liv, Laura and Guy)

This Mahmood written song, performed by the incredible artist Elodie, was a big fan favourite at Sanremo.

Despite missing the Superfinal she finished 7th overall and the song charted no.6 in Italy.

This was a big hit among the team with 12 of the 16 members giving it points including FIVE lots of 12 points.

With Italy winning the OGAE Second Chance Contest recently in 2015 and 2018, Elodie has every chance to take out the overall title again for them in 2020.

Full rankings of the 21 songs below:

(The Aussievision team didn't vote for Australia's entry: Jaguar Jonze with 'Rabbit Hole')

  1. Elodie – 'Andromeda' (Italy) - 106 points

  2. Rein Alexander – 'One Last Time' (Norway) - 97 points

  3. Erika Vikman – 'Cicciolina' (Finland) - 96 points

  4. Elvana Gatja – 'Me Tana' (Albania) - 96 points

  5. Monique – 'Make Me Human"'(Lithuania) - 76 points

  6. Anna Bergendahl – 'Kingdom Come"'(Sweden) - 66 points

  7. Albert Cerny – 'Lucy' (Poland) - 58 points

  8. Khayat – 'Call for Love' (Ukraine) - 51 points

  9. Eden Alene – 'Roots' (Israel) - 43 points

  10. Jaagup Tuisk – 'Beautiful Lie' (Estonia) - 40 points

  11. Roxen – 'Cherry Red' (Romania) - 38 points

  12. Indira Levak – 'You Will Never Break My Heart' (Croatia) - 33 points

  13. Jasmine Rose ft. RoxorLoops – 'Human' (Denmark) - 31 points

  14. Barbara Tinoco – 'Passe-Partout' (Portugal) - 22 points

  15. Senhit – 'Obsessed' (OGAE Rest of the World) - 22 points

  16. Katrina Dimanta – 'Heartbeats' (Latvia) - 15 points

  17. Elis Mraz & Cis T – 'Wanne Be Like' (Czech Republic) - 15 points

  18. Lina Kuduzovic – 'Man Like You' (Slovenia) - 9 points

  19. Tokionine – 'Save Me' (Armenia) - 8 points

  20. Dimma – 'Almyrkvi' (Iceland) - 5 points

  21. Andrija Jo – 'Oci Meduza' (Serbia) - 3 points


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