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Aussievision team's 10 favourite Italian Eurovision entries

With Eurovision 2022 nearly upon us in the beautiful city of Turin, Italy, the Aussievision team have picked their favourite Italian Eurovision entries!

Italy have graced us with 49 entries with three Eurovision wins, five runner ups and since their return in 2011 have reached the top 10 eight times, which includes their massive win with 'Zitti e buoni' by Måneskin.

The team have come up with 10 entries that are their favourites with comments as to why the songs mean so much to them. Some team members even added comments to more than one entry as it's hard to pick just one favourite.

Which Italian entry went on to be bigger than the Contest itself? Who is joined on stage by a dancing gorilla? Who are the very handsome Italian trio? Which artist sings Italian lyrical poetry? Read on to find out - we hope you will learn something new and exciting about members of the Aussievision team.

1958 - Domenico Modugno - ‘Nel blu, dipinto di blu’

‘Nel blu, dipinto di blu’ aka 'Volare' has to be one of the most iconic and well known Italian Eurovision entries ever. It truly is a song that became bigger than Eurovision itself back in 1958 when it went on to win best song at the first Grammys in 1959. I am so obsessed with the song and even wrote an article about it from its inception to its legacy! ~ Kyriakos

1997 - Jalisse - 'Fiumi di parole’

Jalisse is such an angel and both looks and vocal. The song is such a classic and quintessential 90s bit of Italiana that everyone should see at least one in their lives. She absolutely should have won Eurovision. 4th in that year is a crime. I'll forever be salty about it. ~ Liv

2013 - Marco Mengoni - ‘L’essenziale’

'L’essenziale' did and does exactly what its title suggests. Its pared back staging and instrumentation, its simple (yet meaningful) lyrics and Marco Mengoni’s beautiful, smooth vocal truly are at the core of the song. It’s a sublime Italian ballad. L’adoro! ~ Steve

L’essenziale is a timeless masterpiece and Marco’s smooth and effortless voice suits it perfectly. It is a song that slowly builds. Marco sings it without overdoing it so it is an easy and pleasant listen. Not every song needs a huge note. The construction of the song is just beautiful, there is a lot going on but it fits so well. It is such a alluring ballad and I never tire of listening to it. ~ Fleur

2015 - Il Volo - ‘Grande amore’

This is a truly majestic piece of music of the highest art. The boys’ voices blend so harmoniously together to create really something special. The song is delivered with such power and emotion to create an unforgettable moment on stage. ~ Hugo

‘Grande Amore’ is the perfect Italian song. When you think of Italian music you think opera. You think Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli. Italy nailed this entry. It’s opera but it’s accessible to everyone. The song itself is beautiful. It’s powerful when it needs to be and delicate in places to balance it out. This combined with the incredibly professional performance by the three gorgeous young men that make up Il Volo, have ensured a place as an Italian classic among fans. Molto Bene! ~ Alana

Il Volo’s masterpiece is my favourite Italian entry - not only was it a gateway into my love for Eurovision, but it also demonstrated that popera lives strong! Between the staging, Armani outfit, vocals and instrumentation Grande Amore has it all. Ultimately this piece will remain timeless, setting the example of how to meld both classical and modern tones on the Eurovision Stage. ~ Ruby

What an iconic masterpiece - this really was so different to others of the year and it really did stand out from the rest of the pack. It was dramatic, captivating pitch perfect and completely memorable. Three good looking Italian men in sharp suits singing about love? Swoon! ~ Hayley

2016 - Francesca Michielin - 'No Degree of Separation'

Since Italy's comeback the best results have been dominated by their male stars, but this beautiful ballad by Francesca Michelin is one of my favourite Italian entries of all time. This is lyrical poetry and when it's a song about the heart, there is no better language than Italian.

It speaks about love, but not just about the joy and happiness, but the gradual build up to accept it. The verses talk about the hesitation, the tension, the feeling of being cut off from all of that - an emotion that we've all felt at some point. Then the chorus bursts with delight - no hesitation, no separation, stars aligned together, dancing through the sky. I could eat up those lyrics!

Francesca was a young artist when she performed in 2016, and although it wasn't the strongest of performances on the night, it was still delightful and I definitely feel it deserved better than the 16th place it received. ~ Dale

2017 - Francesco Gabbani - ‘Occidentali’s Karma’

'Occidentali's Karma' had everything I love in a Eurovision entry - a deeper meaning (about humans being 'naked apes') a quirky dance and a catchy hook. I was obsessed with Francesco Gabbani's San Remo performance and listened to the studio version on repeat. It was the favourite going in to the contest and I was convinced it was going to win but alas it was not to be. The Eurovision version saw the song lose its second verse and the addition of backing singers dressed in colourful tops perhaps detracted from the meaning of the song. Nevertheless I still listen and/or watch the original version of this often and particularly enjoy the San Remo orchestra's interaction with the song during Francesco's live performance. ~ Emma

2019 - Mahmood - ‘Soldi’

As an Italian-Australian who doesn't usually gravitate towards the traditional ballads Italy typically tends to send, Soldi was so refreshing, different and modern that I was hooked from the very first listen. With its contemporary hip hop style, driving kick drums, punchy beats, and an emotional subject matter that seamlessly incorporated Mahmood's Egyptian heritage, Soldi brought something truly unique to Eurovision. The lyrics and Mahmood's vocal delivery dripping with frustration, anger and pain made for a powerful Italian entry. It would have been a deserving winner in 2019 along with Our Kate but alas it was not to be. With all of the hype for Brividi this year, let's take a moment to remember the song that catapulted Mahmood to superstardom. ~ Laura

2020 - Diodato - ‘Fai rumore’

This is a truly magical song that has all the feels and each time I listen to it - it just hits me in the guts. It actually gives me goose bumps. What a robbery that we didn't get to hear this masterpiece at the 2020 contest. Why are Italians so good at the ballads? ~ Hayley

2021 - Måneskin - 'Zitti e buoni'

If you wrote down all my musical tastes and preferences on a sheet of paper, you would think that 70s-style glam rock shouldn't be my thing. But you simply can't deny the energy and the aesthetic appeal here - Måneskin are as much about exaggerated visuals and eye make-up as they are rock guitars and anger. Also, Damiano's vocal performance is fantastic - the way he spits out the second verse of this song is a masterclass. This was the song that made me finally *get* Italy at Eurovision, and it's one of the most well-deserved winners we've seen in a long while. ~ Craig

2022 - Mahmood and Blanco - ‘Brividi’

No matter where these boys finish in Torino this will forever be on of the strongest entries by a host nation. I adore the smoothest of Mahmood's vocal next to the grit of Blanco. Both absolute show stopping superstars of the Italian music industry with steeze to burn. I am so proud of this entry as an Aussie with Italian roots and it will be one of the classiest entries this year.~ Liv This is pitch-perfect 2022 songwriting. The lyrics read beautifully even separated from the music, the instrumentation is modern, and the whole thing sits just on the right side of melodrama for me. There's also something wonderfully novel and powerful about a romantic duet sung by two men - Mahmood and Blanco perform two very different versions of masculinity here, and it makes for a really eye-catching performance. I'm not always a huge fan of Italian Eurovision entries, but Mahmood and Blanco have hit me in exactly the right spot this year. I think this is absolutely wonderful. ~ Craig

Did your favourite Italian Eurovision entry make our list? Let us know your favourite Italian Eurovision entries on our socials.

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