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Aussievision's Top 20 national final songs of 2022

The Eurovision national final season of 2022 came to an end on the weekend after almost 500 songs had competed across 26 selection shows.

The Aussievision team has followed and covered each one of them and 15 of our contributors voted as a team, on our favourite entries that didn't win their national final.

Each contributor chose their Top 20 with points going form 20 down to 1 and the results are in!

20. Cazzi Opeia - 'I Can't Get Enough' (Sweden)

50 points with votes from: Teddy, Fleur, Dale, Emma, Cooper and Mike

Cazzi Opeia qualified for the finalen of Melodifestivalen after going through the second chance round. She finished 9th in the final, including 6th place in the public vote.

19. Giudi - 'Jezinky' (Czech Republic)

53 points with votes from Cooper, Wade, Teddy, Kyriakos, Hayley and Hugo

Giudi finished 3rd place in the Czech national selection ESCZ, with 2nd place in the international juries her best result.

18. Viktor Apostolovski - 'Superman' (North Macedonia)

53 points with votes from Dale, Fleur, Emma, Kyriakos and Hugo

A cult classic with the Aussievision team, Viktor finished =1st in the North Macedonian selection, losing on a tiebreak (where the jury trumped the public vote).

17. Soa - 'Seule' (France)

56 points with votes from Fleur, Guy, Hayley, Steve and Hugo

The duo finished in 3rd place at the French national final 'Eurovision France, c'est vous qui décidez!'

16. Tanxugueiras - 'Terra' (Spain)

62 points with votes from Hugo, Cooper, Liv and Steve

The trio finished 3rd at Spain's Benidorm Fest despite winning the public with a whopping 70% of the vote causing a strong backlash from many fans in the country.

15. Aurea - Why? (Portugal)

63 points with votes from Mark, Teddy, Kyriakos and Cooper

One of the favourites going into the final of Festival da Canção, Aurea finished 5th overall. She was 5th with the juries and 6th with the public vote.

14. Púr Múdd and Shira - 'Golden Shores'

65 points with votes from Emma, Mike, Tim and Fleur

Despite being a favourite with the team, the song only finished 8th in its semi-final of Estonia's 'Eesti Laul'.

13. Charley - 'i suck at being lonely' (Australia)

67 points with votes from Wade, Hugo, Steve, Kyriakos, Cooper and Teddy

Charley was Ms Consistency at Australia Decides finishing a solid 5th with the jury, 6th in the televote to finish 4th overall.

12. Liamoo - 'Bluffin' (Sweden)

68 points with votes from Cooper, Liv, Emma, Guy, Mark and Hugo

There is no escaping Swedish pop with the Aussievision team. Liamoo finished 4th in Melodifestivalen including 2nd place in the international jury.

11. Fuld Effekt - 'Rave Med De Hårde Drenge' (Denmark)

69 points with votes from Fleur, Tim, Cooper, Emma, Dale and Liv

The Danish people may have passed up the opportunity to send this group to Eurovision but it didn't stop the Aussievision team loving it. In Danks Melodi Grand Prix it failed to make the top 3 Superfinal.

10. Isaac Sene - 'Kuuma Jäbä' (Finland)

73 points with votes from Steve, Kyriakos, Guy, Mike, Fleur, Dale and Hugo

Isaac Sene finished a solid 5th place in the very competitive Finnish national final Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK). Almost half the Aussievision team put this in their Top 20.

9. Younghearted - Sun Numero (Finland)

74 points with votes from Wade, Teddy, Tim, Hayley and Mark

Well the Aussievision team sure did love UMK in Finland this year. Younghearted finished 6th in the final.

8. Lolita Zero - 'Not Your Mother' (Lithuania)

74 points with votes from Hayley, Kyriakos, Fleur, Guy, Dale, Emma, Liv and Mike

Lolita Zero finished 3rd in Lithuania's Pabandom iš naujo! but won many fans over, including us here at Aussievision. 'Not Your Mother' finished 3rd with the juries and 2nd in the public, just behind the eventual winner 'Sentimentai'.

7. Rigoberta Bandini - 'Ay mamá' (Spain)

79 points with votes from Guy, Mike, Mark, Teddy and Emma

A song about celebrating women really struck a chord with many in the Aussievision team. Rigoberta finished runner-up at Spain's Benidorm Fest.

6. Rayden - 'Calle de la llorería' (Spain)

82 points with votes from Dale, Cooper, Kyriakos, Guy and Mark.

Rayden is our third entrant from the Spanish national final Benidorm Fest. He finished 4th place in the final with his best result a 4th with the nation and international jury.

5. Bess - 'Ram pam pam' (Finland)

95 points with votes from Tim, Emma, Cooper, Mike, Wade and Guy

The third Finnish song in the Top 10 shows the quality of songs in the UMK selection this year. Bess finished 3rd with both the juries and public to finish 3rd overall.

4. ARIS - 'Do Svidaniya' (Romania)

101 points with votes from Mike, Dale, Hayley, Fleur, Liv, Mark, Guy, Emma and Cooper

With nine of the fifteen Aussievision voters giving this points, it sure was popular in the team. In Romania however, it unfortunately went out at the semi-final stage.

3. La Rappresentante de Lista - 'Ciao Ciao' (Italy)

113 points with votes from Dale, Liv, Cooper, Wade, Steve, Mike, Teddy and Guy

A big hit with fans and the Aussievision team, 'Ciao Ciao', the song about the end of the world, finished 7th at Italy's Sanremo Music Festival.

2. Jaguar Jonze - 'Little Fires' (Australia)

130 points with votes from Steve, Mark, Hayley, Dale, Kyriakos, Mike, Teddy and Hugo

It shows the quality of Australia Decides that when you enter with a quality song, set your costume on fire, that you still don't win! Jaguar Jonze put on a memorable performance on the Gold Coast, she won the jury vote and finished in 3rd place overall.

1. Voyager - 'Dreamer' (Australia)

174 points with votes from Hayley, Fleur, Wade, Steve, Dale, Kyriakos, Emma, Cooper, Tim, Liv and Guy.

A whopping eleven of the fifteen contributors put Voyager in their Top 20 of all national final songs of the season. Their epic live performance on the Gold Coast saw them win the public vote and finish runner-up on the night by 3 points.

Well no surprise to see an Aussie Eurovision fan site go for an Australian song at no.1. However, there is no denying the quality of that entry!

The Aussievision team results 21st to 50th

21. Elsie Bay - 'Death of Us' (Norway)

22. Elisa - 'O Forse Sei Tu' (Italy)

23. Diana Castro - 'Ginger Ale (Portugal)

24. Patrick O'Sullivan - 'One Night, One Kiss, One Promise' (Ireland)

25. Aidan - 'Ritu' (Malta)

26. Albana Ramosaj - 'Theje' (Albania)

27. Dargen D'Amico - 'Dove si balla' (Italy)

28. Jude York - 'I Won't Need to Dream' (Australia)

29. Klara Hammarström - 'Run to the Hills' (Sweden)

30. Jaagup Tuisk - 'Kui Vaid' (Estonia)

31. Oda Gondrosen - 'Hammer of Thor' (Norway)

32. Pauline Chagne - 'Nuit Pauline' (France)

33. Varry Brava - 'Rafaella' (Spain)

34. Mirud - 'Për dreq' (Albania)

35. Samira Manners - 'I Want to be Loved' (Sweden)

36. LUMA - 'All In' (Slovenia)

37. Omar Rudberg - 'Moving Like That' (Sweden)

38. Alabama Watchdog - 'Move On' (Estonia)

39. Marius - 'Les chansons d'amour' (France)

40. Daughters of Reykjavik - 'Turn This Around!' (Iceland)

41. E-An-Na - 'Malere' (Romania)

42. Anders Bagge - 'Bigger Than the Universe' (Sweden)

43. Daria - 'Paranoia' (Poland)

44. Jordan Haj and Emma Smetana - 'By Now' (Czech Republic)

45. Ott Lepland - 'Aovalguses' (Estonia)

46. Linda Bengtzing - 'Fyrfaldigt hurra!' (Sweden)

47. Emma - 'Ogni volta e cosi' (Italy)

48. The Valentines - 'Stay or Go' (Czech Republic)

49. Syro - 'Ainda nos temos' (Portugal)

50. Paulini - 'We Are One' (Australia)

50. Theoz - 'Som Du Vill' (Sweden)


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