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Aussievision's Top 20 national final songs of 2023

The Eurovision national final season of 2023 came to an end on the weekend after more than 400 songs had competed across 24 selection shows.

The Aussievision team has followed and covered each one of them and 20 of our contributors voted as a team on our favourite entries that didn't win their national final.

Each contributor chose their Top 20 with points going form 20 down to 1 and the results are in!

20. KUUMAA - 'Ylivoimainen' (Finland)

55 points with votes from Dale, Zhi, Fleur, Mike, Liv, Craig and Kyriakos

19. Keira - 'No Business On The Dancefloor' (Finland)

56 points with votes from Cooper, Zhi, Laura, Craig, Steven and Mike

18. Atle Pettersen - 'Masterpiece' (Norway)

57 points with votes from Josh, Hugo, Steven and Kyriakos

17. Søren Torpegaard Lund - 'Lige Her' (Denmark)

58 points with votes from Steve, Justin, Craig and Dale

16. FIINKA - 'Dovbush' (Ukraine)

58 points with votes from Laura, Stef, Liv, Dale, Mike, Hayley, Kyriakos, Zhi, Cooper

15. Vicco - 'Nochentera' (Spain)

59 points from Emma, Mike, Guy, Dale and Craig

14. Paulina Paukštaitytė - 'Let me think about me' (Lithuania)

63 points with votes from Cooper, Hayley, Kyriakos, Craig, Laura, Emma and Mike

13. Megara - 'Arcadia' (Spain)

66 points with votes from Tim, Laura, Hayley, Steven and Zhi

12. Meelik - 'Tuju' (Estonia)

67 points with votes from Emma, Stef, Fleur, Tim and Laura

11. Filip Baloš - 'Novi plan drugi san' (Serbia)

72 points with votes from Fleur, Craig, Hayley, Kyriakos, Cooper and Laura

10. THEOZ - 'Mer Av Dig' (Sweden)

74 points with votes from John Christian, Cooper, Steve, Emma, Dale, Hugo, Stef and Craig

9. Rūta Mur - 'So Low' (Lithuania)

82 points with votes from Fleur, Kyriakos, Emma, Justin, Craig, Mike, Steven, Dale and Josh

8. Kiana - 'Where Did You Go' (Sweden)

91 points with votes from Kyriakos, Fleur, Emma, Steven, Zhi, Hugo, Mike, Dale and Laura

7. Jone - 'Ekko inni meg' (Norway)

105 points with votes from Justin, Emma, Josh, Hayley, Stef, Zhi and Fleur

6. Marcus & Martinus - 'Air' (Sweden)

106 points with votes from Hugo, Cooper, Liv, Emma, Dale, Steve, Kyriakos, Craig, Tim and John Christian

5. Madame - 'Il Bene Nel Male' (Italy)

110 points with votes from Liv, Emma, Josh, Craig, Steven, Mike, Dale, Fleur and Stef

4. Ulrikke - 'Honestly' (Norway)

137 points with votes from John Christian, Kiel, Mark, Zhi, Kyriakos, Steve, Emma, Cooper, Craig and Josh

3. Chérine - 'Ça m'ennuie pas' (Belgium)

167 points with votes from Craig, Justin, Dale, Mike, Cooper, John Christian, Hugo, Kyriakos and Laura

2. Agoney - 'Quiero arder' (Spain)

193 points with votes from Emma, Hayley, Zhi, Kyriakos, Mark, Dale, Fleur, Hugo, Steven, Craig and Guy

1. Benjamin - 'Hoida mut' (Finland)

193 points with votes from Zhi, Steve, Stef, Mark, Hugo, Kyriakos, Mike, Cooper, Josh, Craig, Liv and John Christian.

Benjamin takes the title on tie-break with 12 contributors voting for the song compared to 11 for 'Quiero arder'.

The Aussievision team results 21st to 50th

21. Patty Gurdy - 'Melodies of Hope' (Germany)

22. Celebs - 'Doomsday Dancing' (Iceland)

23. Harmonija Disonance - 'Nevera (Lei, lei)' (Croatia)

24. Elodie - 'Due' (Italy)

25. Beatrich - 'Like A Movie' (Lithuania)

26. Rosa Chemical - 'Made in Italy' (Italy)

27. Janek - 'House of Glass' (Estonia)

28. Ollie - 'Polvere' (Italy)

29. Jerry Heil - 'When God Shut the Door' (Ukraine)

30. Maria Celin - 'Freya' (Norway)

31. Karmento - 'Quiero y Duelo' (Spain)

32. Elsa - 'Evita' (Albania)

33. m els- 'So good at what you do' (Estonia)

34. Jann - 'Gladiator' (Poland)

35. Eline Thorp - 'Not Meant To Be' (Norway)

36. Neon Soho - 'Endless World' (Portugal)

37. ADGY - 'Too Good For Your Love' (Ireland)

38. Ollie - 'Venom' (Estonia)

39. Aidan - 'Reġina' (Malta)

40. You Can't Win, Charlie Brown - 'Contraste Mudo' (Portugal)

41. Alice Wonder - 'Yo Quisiera' (Spain)

42. Paola & Chiara - 'Furore' (Italy)

43. Rodan - 'Introvrt Party Club' (Czechia)

44. Sunstroke Project - 'Yummy mummy' (Moldova)

45. Juste Kraujelyte - 'Need More Fun' (Lithuania)

46. Mariette - 'One Day' (Sweden)

47. Lazza – 'Cenere' (Italy)

48. Frida gold - 'Alle frauen in mir sind mude' (Germany)

49. Skrellex - 'Love Again' (Norway)

50. Eyjaa - 'I Was Gonna Marry Him' (Denmark)

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