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Aussievision included in news sites removed from Facebook due to dispute with federal government

This morning due to an ongoing dispute between the Australian federal government and Facebook, Australian news sites have been removed from the platform.

This is in response to proposed laws that would force tech companies to pay for news content.

Unfortunately Aussievision has also been caught up in this action.

The Aussievision Facebook page has now gone blank for viewers in both Australia and overseas and content from our site can not be shared.

Aussievision is not a company or an organisation and makes no money off our content.

The site and social media channels are run by a group of dedicated volunteers wanted to bring an Australian take on Eurovision for Australian fans and would not benefit from any agreements between the Australian government and Facebook.

There are many fantastic Eurovision fan sites out there, but what we have always wanted to do is connect Australians to specific news relative to them. Whether that be times and how to watch the contest and national finals, specific news about Australian artists or from the broadcaster SBS.

SBS Eurovision and SBS News have also been removed form the platform. As have international fan sites like Wiwibloggs, ESCXtra as well as the Eurovision facebook page itself.

Additionally many non-profit, charities and government departments have also been blocked from Facebook.

We have many other channels for fans to access our content from including via Google, Twitter, Instagram and our Podcast, but it is on Facebook where our audience is the most Australian specific.

We hope this will be resolved and our Facebook page will start up again. But in the meantime we hope those who have enjoyed our content will continue to support us by:

Contact us at for any more information.


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