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Aussies are in the Top 10 of Eurovision 2024 ticket buyers!

Image: Hayley Bessell

Today, organisers of Eurovision revealed which nations have purchased the most tickets for the 2024 Contest.

In total, over 80 nations will be represented by fans on the ground.

The top nations to buy tickets to Malmö are:

1.  Sweden

2. United Kingdom

3. Denmark

4. Germany

5. USA

6. Netherlands

7. Australia

8. Spain

9. Ireland 

10. Poland

It's no surprise seeing Sweden first with the UK leading the charge outside the home nation.

As much as Australia would love to be no.1 among those not in Europe, alas the United States takes that crown in 5th place.

However, since they are a lot bigger than us and much closer, a 7th place finish is very impressive.

The cost and time (a day's worth) of flying for Aussie fans shows the level of dedication and love for the Contest.

Local organisers are impressed with the turnout.

Karin Karlsson, who is the Managing Director of the event for the City of Malmö is enthusiastic about the numbers:

“Malmö welcoming Eurovision fans and visitors from such a large and diverse parts of the world is truly fantastic. It clearly demonstrates the event's appeal and its ability to unite people through music, culture and diversity.”

Eurovision takes place on the 7, 9 and 11 May (European time) in Malmö, Sweden.

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