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Artists and songs for Denmark's Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021 revealed

Danmarks Radio (DR) have revealed the 8 acts that will compete this year’s edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP). This year there will be one final which will be held on 06 March 2021.

These are the artists and songs competing:

  • Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn - 'High above the clouds'

  • Claudia Campagnol - 'Abracadabra'

  • The Cosmic Twins - 'Silver Bullet'

  • Emma Nicoline - 'Standing Right Here'

  • Fire & Flame - 'Practice each other'

  • Jean Michel - 'Beautiful'

  • Mike Tramp - 'Everything Is Alright'

  • Nanna Olivia - 'Restless hearts'

Veteran television presenter Tina Müller and newcomer to hosting duties, Martin Brygmman will host the contest. Brygmman is a well known actor, comedian and musician. The winner of DMGP will be decided solely by televote this year. Due to the pandemic, the contest will be performed without a live audience as it was in 2020, although an orchestra will be present. It will be the first time since 1999 that DMGP will be held in a tv studio.

Denmark first competed at Eurovision in 1957 and have won the contest three times, most recently with Emmerlie de Forest in 2013. Gerthe & Jorgen Ingmann (1963) and the Olsen Brothers (2000) being the previous winners. Last year, Ben and Tan were selected to represent Denmark with the song “Yes” before the contest's cancellation.

As the 2020 semi-final line-ups were confirmed to stay for 2021, Denmark will compete in the second half of semi-final 2 in Rotterdam on May 20. This year will be the 49th time that Denmark has participated at the contest. The nordic nation taking a hiatus from 1967-1977.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021 will be telecast on DR 1 and DRTV.

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