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Armenia: LADANIVA releases its Eurovision 2024 song 'Jako'

Armenia has released its song for Eurovision 2024; it is LADAVINA who will fly the flag in Malmo with the song "Jako".

Ladaniva is made up of Armenian vocalist Jaklin Baghdasaryan and French multi-instrumentalist Louis Thomas. With their music, the pair embody a vibrant blend of Armenian folk with global musical influences.

The name Ladaniva was inspired by an off-road retro car brand, symbolising the band’s adventurous spirit and their journey through different cultures and traditions. Jaklin and Louis accidentally found out that both of their fathers owned the same car while living in Armenia and France, so it was a natural fit for the name of the duo!

Jaklin Baghdasaryan was born in Egheghnazor, Armenia, and grew up in Minsk, Belarus before emigrating to France in 2014 with her mother. The singer's connection to Armenia has remained strong over the years; in an interview with Fox 11 Los Angeles, she said:

"I was always in the Armenian community. I did Armenian dance, singing Armenian songs and for me it was my nostalgia to my roots, and I always wanted to sing in Armenian, to dance it, to participate in our culture,"

Born in France to a family of musicians including his mother who was a classical pianist, Louis Thomas began playing the trumpet when he was seven years old.

The two musicians both attended the Lille Conservatory and met at a bar in Vieux-Lille during a jazz jam session one night in 2018. Singer Jaklin Baghdasaryan told Fox 11 Los Angeles:

"Louie was playing trumpet, and I was singing. And after we started to do the jazz together, and also we did our study in our conservatory together. And after one day, Louis heard that I am singing in Armenia. And he said, ‘let's do something with this,’ because he loved Armenian language and music."

Armenia will compete in the first half of the second-semi final of Eurovision 2024.

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