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Andorra National Day: Our ranking of Andorran Eurovision entries

Today, September 8, marks National Day in Andorra. In light of this, the Aussievision team has ranked all the Eurovision entries from the nation.

The microstate has participated in the Contest a total of six times between 2004 to 2009. It is the only nation to have competed at Eurovision that never reached the Grand Final. Despite this, all its entries have proved fascinating and unique in their own way.

Nine Aussievision team members awarded their points as follows: 12 points to their favourite, 10 points to second, 8 points to third, 5 points to fourth, 3 points to fifth and 1 points to their least favourite.

Now, let's see the full ranking and which Andorran entry finished on top.

6. Jenny - 'Sense tu' (2006) - 31 points

High: 10 points from Steven & Craig

Lows: 1 point from John Christian, Kyriakos, Fleur, Emma & Hayley

"This light rock ballad is well sung by Jennifer and borders on being catchy at certain points. It’s fine." ~Steven

"It's like Kelly Clarkson decided to perform Theodor Andrei's Eurovision entry with the national final choreography and I'm kind of obsessed. Eurovision can be survive anything except being boring, and this is certainly not boring." ~Craig

5. Marta Roure - 'Jugarem a estimar-nos' (2004) - 39 points

High: 10 points from Dale

Low: 1 point from Samuel

"Look, it's a little ropey on the vocals but that chorus is great and I love that it's in Catalan." ~Dale

4. Marian van de Wal - 'La mirada interior' (2005) - 53 points

Highs: 12 points from Craig, 10 points from Samuel

Low: 1 point from Dale

"A clear stand-out in this group of songs, this is an energetic performance with some great choreography and an intriguing arrangement. I wish Marian looked a little more at ease on stage, but that doesn't detract from a very enjoyable three minutes!" ~Craig

"I rather enjoyed this slightly mysterious tune. The hunky back-up dancers are a plus too. But the absolute best thing about this performance is Eurovision 1995 runner-up Anabel Conde on backing vocals. Personally I think she should have been the main show, but still a great performance overall." ~Samuel

3. Susanne Georgi - 'La teva decisió (Get a Life)' (2009) - 73 points

Highs: 12 points from Emma & Samuel, 10 points from John Christian

Lows: 5 points from Steven, Kyriakos & Dale

"Probably the most commercial sounding of the six Andorran entries. Reminds me of something 'The Corrs' would have released in the late 90s. The vocals are decent and the girls look like they are having a great time." ~Emma

"Such a whimsical, fun little tune. I got to get a life because I’ve playing it on repeat all the time recently." ~Samuel

"She would've been her last hope for her country to qualify, and she has been passionate about Andorra returning to the contest." ~John Christian

2. Anonymous - 'Salvem el món' (2007) - 73 points

Highs: 12 points from John Christian, Fleur & Hayley, 10 points from Kyriakos & Emma

Low: 1 point from Steven

*Second place due to more 12 points (3 to 2)

"It is a travesty how this song had not enough points to qualify, and it is a shame that only 10 would qualify for the final at that time out of a bloodbath of 28 semi-finalists. I don't really understand the song, but its messaging is completely 'on the charts'." ~John Christian

"This is a guilty pleasure of mine and is easily my favourite Andorran entry. It gives me Sum 41 vibes and it may be dated, but I don’t care- it’s catchy as heck. It also happens to be Andorra's best result, so I might be on to something here." ~Fleur

"I dare say my fellow Aussievision teammates will guess my 12 points would be going to this song, but is so catchy! It is pop-punk of the era done quite well and the performance was very high energy. It's a shame this didn't qualify 'cos its actually quite good!" ~Hayley

"The vocals might be a bit off but I love the punk rock 'Greenday' vibes this brought to the competition. Shame it failed to qualify for the final." ~Emma

1. Gisela - 'Casanova' (2008) - 82 points

Highs: 12 points from Steven, Kyriakos & Dale, 10 points from Fleur & Hayley

Low: 5 points from John Christian

"Upbeat, catchy pop served up by a decent live vocalist in Gisela with oodles of Eurovision camp? Sold! Douze points!" ~Steven

"For me Gisela was absolutely robbed!! She should have made it to the Final. I love everything about this performance to the shiny outfit and catchy song! This is Eurovision!" ~Kyriakos

"Easily the best overall package from Andorra. Well sung, catchy chorus and just a fine little pop song." ~Dale

"This is an underrated party anthem that needs more love. I quite like this nod to Scandi-pop. More of this please, if they return." ~Fleur

"What a bop! It is memorable, fun, and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her look!" ~Hayley


So Gisela comes out on top of Aussievision's Andorra ranking with 'Casanova'.

Unfortunately, RTVA (Andorra's national broadcaster) has already confirmed that the microstate will not be participating in Eurovision 2024.

However, we hold onto hope that Andorra will one day return to the contest and reach the Grand Final. We wish all our Andorran readers and followers a happy National Day!

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