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All the Eurovision winning songs that have charted on the Swedish Singles Chart

Sweden is one of the most successful nations at Eurovision, with six wins, just one win behind Ireland’s record of seven. They are also one of the longest participating nations at the Eurovision Song Contest with 59 appearances, only missing the Contest three times since their debut in 1959.

We previously looked at ‘All the Swedish Eurovision entries that have charted on the Swedish Singles Chart’ with 43 out of their 60 Eurovision entries charting on the Swedish national singles chart. Today, we explore all the Eurovision winning songs that have charted on the Swedish singles chart.

Out of all the 67 Eurovision winning songs, 36 songs have made an appearance on the Swedish Singles Chart.

You will find one surprising omission in our list from a very iconic winner. Five out of Sweden’s six Eurovision winning songs charted on the Swedish singles chart. But it would be their biggest and most well known Eurovision winning song, ABBA’s ‘Waterloo’, that misses out on featuring in our list. This is because the song won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest but it wouldn’t be until 1975 with the creation of Topplistan where singles were counted separately from albums. Before 1975 the Swedish charts, complied by Kvällstoppen, was a chart where album and singles sales were combined. Even though the internet may make claims that 'Waterloo' charted on the Swedish charts, there are no cited sources provided.

There is no doubt though that the Swedes love their Eurovision! 10 out of the 36 Eurovision winners to chart in Sweden have reaching No. 1. With four of those being from 2000 - 2009.

In this list we have ranked all the charting singles in order of their peak positions, then number of weeks at their peak, then number of weeks in the chart.

This list has been complied from the archive which you can find here. is complied by the following charts:

  • Combined album and singles sales chart (complied by Kvällstoppen) before 1975

  • Topplistan from 1975 to 1997

  • Hitlistan from 1998 to 2007

  • National record chart - Sverigetopplistan 2008 to present day

We have included video links to a few Eurovision entries with interesting facts along with the Top 3 in this list.

Let’s begin!

36. Jamala - '1944' - Ukraine - 2016 (No.46 - 1 week at peak - 1 week on chart)

35. Salvador Sobral - 'Amar pelos dois' - Portugal - 2017 (No.33 - 1 week at peak - 1 week on chart)

34. Eimear Quinn - 'The Voice' - Ireland - 1996 (No.31 - 1 week at peak - 7 weeks on chart)

33. Dima Bilan - 'Believe' - Russia - 2008 (No.28 - 1 week at peak - 1 week on chart)

32. Conchita Wurst - 'Rise Like a Phoenix' - Austria - 2014 (No.27 - 1 week at peak - 2 weeks on chart)

31. Secret Garden - 'Nocturne' - Norway - 1995 (No.26 - 1 week at peak - 7 week on chart)

30. Sandra Kim - 'J'aime la vie' - Belgium - 1986 (No.15 - 1 week at peak - 1 week on chart)

29. Corinne Hermès - 'Si la vie est cadeau' - Luxembourg - 1983 (No.13 - 1 week at peak - 2 weeks on chart)

28. Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL - 'Everybody' - Estonia - 2001 (No.12 - 1 week at peak - 7 weeks on chart)

27. Marija Šerifović - 'Molitva' - Serbia - 2007 (No.9 - 1 week at peak - 3 weeks on chart)

26. Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta - 'A-Ba-Ni-Bi' - Israel - 1978 (No.9 - 2 weeks at peak - 3 weeks on chart)

25. Ruslana - 'Wild Dances' - Ukraine - 2004 (No.8 - 1 week at peak - 18 weeks on chart)

24. Lordi - 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' - Finland - 2006 (No.8 - 1 week at peak - 21 weeks on chart)

'Hard Rock Hallelujah’ isn’t Lordi’s only appearance on the Swedish singles chart. Four years before their Eurovision win the band made an appearance at number 54 with the song ‘Would You Love A Monsterman?’. The single managed to reach No. 1 in their home country of Finland.

23. Duncan Laurence - 'Arcade' - Netherlands - 2019 (No.6 - 2 weeks at peak - 5 weeks on chart)

22. Brotherhood of Man - 'Save Your Kisses for Me' - United Kingdom - 1976 (No.6 - 3 weeks at peak - 9 weeks on chart)

'Save Your Kisses for Me' is the first Eurovision winning song to make an appearance on the Swedish charts. The worldwide hit reached No. 1 across and Europe, even charting in Australia and the United States. In their home country it became the biggest selling single of the year in the UK. In Sweden it managed to remain at No. 6 for three weeks after their Eurovision win.

21. Netta - 'Toy' - Israel - 2018 (No.5 - 1 week at peak - 4 weeks on chart)

20. Marie Myriam - 'L'oiseau et l'enfant' - France - 1977 (No.5 - 1 week at peak - 7 weeks on chart)

19. Katrina and the Waves - 'Love Shine a Light' - United Kingdom - 1997 (No.5 - 1 week at peak - 18 weeks on chart)

Katrina and the Waves were no strangers to the Swedish charts. 16 years earlier Katrina and the Waves reached No. 13 in Sweden with their worldwide hit ‘Walking On Sunshine’. It reached No.4 in Australia.

'Love Shine a Light’ charted a lot better in Sweden reaching No. 5 and remaining on the charts for 18 weeks.

18. Bobbysocks! - 'La det swinge' - Norway - 1985 (No.4 - 1 week at peak - 4 weeks on chart)

17. Carola - 'Fångad av en stormvind' - Sweden - 1991 (No.3 - 1 week at peak - 6 weeks on chart)

The beautiful Carola has had countless singles chart in Sweden. Her first being her Eurovision entry from 1983 ‘Främling’ which finished in third place in the Contest and reached No.5 in the Swedish charts. Her Eurovision winning song 'Fångad av en stormvind’ fair better on the charts at No.3 and makes it to the top 20 in our list. It wouldn’t be until 2006 when she finally got her first and only No.1 single in Sweden with ‘Evighet’. The English version of the song, ‘Invincible’, which was her Eurovision entry for Sweden in 2006. It finished in 5th place in Athens.

16. Emmelie de Forest - 'Only Teardrops' - Denmark - 2013 (No.3 - 3 weeks at peak - 13 weeks on chart)

15. Dana International - 'Diva' - Israel - 1998 (No.3 - 3 weeks at peak - 17 weeks on chart)

=13. Herreys - 'Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley' - Sweden - 1984 (No.2 - 1 week at peak - 6 weeks on chart)

After their win Herreys had two more singles chart in Sweden with ‘Varje linen drop regn’ at No 11 and ‘All som is’ at No 18.

=13. Bucks Fizz - 'Making Your Mind Up' - United Kingdom - 1981 (No.2 - 1 week at peak - 6 weeks on chart)

12. Charlotte Nilsson - 'Take Me to Your Heaven' - Sweden - 1999 (No.2 - 1 week at peak - 19 weeks on chart)

11. Johnny Logan - 'Hold Me Now' - Ireland - 1987 (No.2 - 3 weeks at peak - 5 weeks on chart)

10. Olsen Brothers - 'Fly on the Wings of Love' - Denmark - 2000 (No.1 - 1 weeks at peak - 17 weeks on chart)

9. Måns Zelmerlöw - 'Heroes' - Sweden - 2015 (No.1 - 2 weeks at peak - 34 weeks on chart)

'Heroes' is the last Eurovision winning song to reach the top of the Swedish singles chart. It held the top spot for two weeks and is Sweden’s sixth Eurovision winning song. This places Mäns in ninth place in our list.

Måns has had four other songs that have reached the top 5 in Sweden. They include his two Melodifestivalen entries ‘Cara mia’ which reached No 1 and ‘Hope and Glory’ which peaked at No 2. He also reached No. 3 on the Swedish chart with a cover of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ in a duet with Agnes Carlsson.

8. Johnny Logan - 'What's Another Year' - Ireland - 1980 (No.1 - 3 weeks at peak - 9 weeks on chart)

7. Lena - 'Satellite' - Germany - 2010 (No.1 - 3 weeks at peak - 18 weeks on chart)

6. Sertab Erener - 'Everyway That I Can' - Turkey - 2003 (No.1 - 3 weeks at peak - 20 weeks on chart)

Sertab’s follow up single ‘Here I Am’ peaked at No 58 in Sweden several months after her Eurovision win.

5. Nicole - 'Ein bißchen Frieden' - Germany - 1982 (No.1 - 4 weeks at peak - 7 weeks on chart)

4. Helena Paparizou - 'My Number One' - Greece - 2005 (No.1 - 4 weeks at peak - 29 weeks on chart)

It is no surprise seeing Helena Paparizou rank so highly in this list. The Swedish-Greek singer first made an appearance on the Swedish charts as part of Antique with fellow Swedish-Greek musician and singer Nikos Panagiotidis. The duo represented Greece at Eurovision 2001 with ‘(I Would) Die For You’. Their Greek Eurovision song reached No. 3 on the Swedish singles chart. After this they had multiple chart hits with three further Top 10 hits including ‘Moro mou’ at No 3, their worldwide hit ‘Opa Opa’ at No 5 and ‘Dinata dinata’ at No 8, sung in Greek and English.

As a solo artist Helena has had many Top 5 hits. Her Eurovision winning song for Greece, 'My Number One’ reached No 1 remaining there for four weeks and gives her a fourth placed position in our list, ‘Heroes’ reached No 1 and was the official song for the 2006 European Athletics Championships in Sweden, ‘Mambo’ peaked at No 5 and ‘The Light In Our Soul’ reached No 3.

In 2014 Helena entered Melodifestivalen with the song ‘Survivor’ which finished in 4th place in the competition. The song reached No 3 in the Swedish chart and won the OGAE Second Chance Contest that year.

3. Milk and Honey - 'Hallelujah' - Israel - 1979 (No.1 - 5 weeks at peak - 9 weeks on chart)

The oldest Eurovision winning song to reach the Top 10 in our list, ‘Hallelujah' by Milk and Honey peaked at No. 1 for five weeks. The single charted across Europe also reaching No.1 in Finland, Ireland, Norway and in their homeland of Israel.

2. Alexander Rybak - 'Fairytale' - Norway - 2009 (No.1 - 5 weeks at peak - 25 weeks on chart)

Alexander Rybak ‘Fairytale’ was hugely popular at the time with five weeks at No. 1 in Sweden, and reaching No.1 throughout Scandinavia.

Alexander has two other songs which have charted in Sweden, they include his follow up single to ‘Fairytale’, ‘Funny Little World’ which reached No. 4 and his Eurovision entry from 2018 ‘That’s How You Write A Song’ which peaked at No. 58.

1. Loreen - 'Euphoria' - Sweden - 2012 (No.1 - 6 weeks at peak - 43 weeks on chart)

‘Euphoria’ is unbeatable and claims the top spot in our list. Remaining at the top spot for six weeks and on the chart for a whopping 43 weeks, the Swedes were undeniably proud with their 2012 Eurovision entry.

Loreen’s other high charting singles on the Swedish charts are her Meldoifestivalen entries, ‘Statements’ which peaked at number 13 and ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’ which reached the Top 10 at number 9.

We hope you enjoyed our list, please do check out our previous list on all the Eurovision songs to ever chart in Australia click here.


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