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Alfie Arcuri working with European producers ahead of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'

It's been a big few years for Alfie Arcuri since competing at the inaugural 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' in 2019.

He has competed in two international song contests, written a Eurovision entry and has released a great deal of music.

But could 2022 be his biggest year yet, could he be at 'Australia Decides' in February and potentially Eurovsion in May?

Fresh from this 5th place at the international song festival 'New Wave' in Russia, where he performed for a TV audience of 100 million +, Alfie has been stuck in Europe unable to get back to Australia.

Based in Eurovision's host nation of Italy at the moment he revealed in an Instagram Q&A his intentions around 'Australia Decides' and Eurovision 2022 when asked by a fan, stating:

"Yes, I would. One of the benefits of being stuck in Europe is I've been connected with some big Eurovision producers.... You never know you might see me there again."

In 2019 after competing at the Golden Stag Festival in Romania, Alfie spent time in songwriting sessions in Europe.

The Cypriot entry of the cancelled Eurovision 2020 contest 'Running' (which was to be performed by Sandro) came out of those sessions.

Alfie has also stated to Aussievision on numerous times he wants to come back for another go at Eurovision telling us in 2020 "That is definitely still a massive goal of mine as both a performer and songwriter" and most recently at New Wave saying "doing things like 'New Wave' makes me even more hungry for Eurovision."

Will we see Alfie Arcuri at the Gold Coast in February or in Italy in May? Only time will tell!


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