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Alfie Arcuri returns with a new "peachy" pop release 'Devil’s Lips'

Forget about the Garden of Eden and step into the "Garden of Alfie" where hunky dancing peaches lead you into temptation in this dark, sexy and edgy pop release!

Yes… you heard that right!

The Voice Australia 2016 winner and ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2019 entrant Alfie Arcuri has dropped his latest infectious pop release ‘Devil’s Lips’.

The singer/songwriter is currently in Europe after competing in the prestigious international ‘New Wave Festival 2021’ in Sochi, Russia last month. Alfie has been busy recording during his travels.

His new release today ‘Devil’s Lips’ comes with a rather juicy music video with peach-clad muscled men dancing to the infectious beat. It is the first release of his upcoming EP ‘Way Up High’ set for release next year showcasing a cheekier and darker side of The Voice Australia 2016 winner.

The video concept draws inspiration from the great iconic gay photographers of the eighties and nineties, the tongue- and-cheek visual extravaganza was a true labour of love - comprising of an entire cast and crew of the LGBTIQ + community, each lending their talents to the epic production. The distinctly emotive synth- driven banger follows the story of temptation and identity and a coming of age.

We spoke to Alfie about the release and what led him to the new direction in his music:

“I think my writing reflects what I am going through at the time. I was in Berlin and I was kind of at a point where I knew my relationship was over and that’s why the songs are so dark in this next little chapter of my music. But the video then tells a different story, I think ‘Devil’s Lips’ is a fun pop song. It’s got a very deep dark meaning for me, kind of like ‘Dancing On My Own’ (by Robyn), that song, I think you know people dance to that, but then you can also cry to it at the same time.The song is about temptation and struggling with your identity as well. I’m proud of that song, it’s one of my favourites.”

Alfie wrote and recorded the song in Berlin with artist, songwriter and producer Magnus and musician Jan Paul Olthoff. We asked him about how his experience was with the European producers:

“Amazing! These two producers were... sometimes when you work with different new people you either click or you don’t. As soon as we met we clicked. We wrote the song in about two hours, one and half - two hours and then we went and ate pizza in Berlin, it’s so good! I love those boys.”

Earlier this year, Alfie's self-penned 'Handsome Man’ was shortlisted for Vanda and Young Global Songwriting Contest 2021 and won Best Ballad at the Berlin Song Week Conference amongst thousands of entries inspired by another lyrical tale of acceptance and advocacy.

Boasting an already impressive 8 million + streams for his debut single 'If They Only Knew' and following his award winning performance at the 2019 Golden Stav in Romania and songwriting success at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, Alfie's accolades continue to generate global attention.

March 2022 will see Alfie showcasing his new sound at Los Angeles’s MUSEXPO.

'Devil's Lips' is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.


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