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Alfie Arcuri joins The Euro Jury 2023

Image credit: Alfie Arcuri

The Euro Jury makes a return for 2023 with Australia's own Alfie Arcuri joining the list of jurors this year. Alfie is the first Australian artist revealed so far.

Alfie is a The Voice Australia winner who has had a fair bit of experience within the Eurovision world.

Alfie competed in the first 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' in 2019 with 'To Myself' finishing in 5th place. In 2020 he co-wrote the Cypriot Eurovision entry, 'Running'. for Sandro. This year Alfie competed in the San Marino's Eurovision national final with his song 'Collide' where he won the critics award.

The Euro Jury, organised and run by the Eurovoix team, is where artists, musicians, and songwriters are invited to vote on this years Eurovision songs as part of the jury. This makes up for 50% of the vote. The remaining 50% is decided by the public.

Voting has opened to the public! Voting will remain open for a period of two weeks and will close on April 24 at 18:00 CEST. Vote now HERE.

Last year Eurovoix selected 150 jury members from 47 countries, with Dami Im, Voyager, Erica Padilla and Jordan Anthony forming the Australian jury.

From mid-April the results of each jury will be revealed by Eurovoix.

The list of jury members for The Euro Jury 2023, so far, include:

  • Aaron Sibley (San Marino)

  • Alex Panayi (Cyprus)

  • Alfie Arcuri (Australia)

  • Argo (Greece)

  • Arianna Mereu (Italy)

  • Chanel Monseigneur (Malta)

  • Christian Jacob (Luxembourg)

  • Dave Bassett (Germany)

  • Delphine Elbé (France)

  • Diana Elmas (Moldova)

  • Eamonn Toal (Ireland)

  • Erma Mici (Albania)

  • .Fen (Belgium)

  • Festina Mejzini (Albania)

  • Filip Baloš (Serbia)

  • Helena De Maertelaere (Austria)

  • Inoyson (Ukraine)

  • Jimmy Martin (Luxembourg)

  • Katrina Leskanich (United Kingdom)

  • Kenneth Giles (Ireland)

  • Kuba Szmajkowski (Poland)

  • Ricardo Soler (Portugal)

  • Maika Barbero (Spain)

  • Maria Sur (Sweden)

  • Martha May (Croatia)

  • Megara (Spain)

  • Mihai Traistariu (Romania)

  • Nejc Levstik (Slovenia)

  • Neon Letters (Estonia)

  • Oliver Satyr (Germany)

  • Oliver Toussaint (Monaco)

  • Paul Jordan (United Kingdom)

  • Ralf Mackenbach (Netherlands)

  • Sabina Chantouria (Georgia)

  • Søren Torpegaard Lund (Denmark)

  • Stefania (Greece)

  • Sureen Poghosyan (Armenia)

  • Tamar Edilashvili (Georgia)

  • Thorhallur Emil (Iceland)

  • Yana Kay (Latvia)

The Euro Jury began in 2014 with Australia having success in the competition. Australia overall won The Euro Jury in 2015 with Guy Sebastian's song 'Tonight Again'. In 2016 Australia won The Euro Jury jury vote matching with Dami Im's jury vote win at Eurovision with 'Sound of Silence'.

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