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Albania: Aussievision's Festivali i Këngës 62 rankings

This year Albanian broadcaster RTSH has treated us to another sensational lineup of artists for their National Final Festivali i Këngës 62. The winner of the public televote will go onto represent the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, Sweden.

The final will be on the morning of Saturday 23 December in Australia, Friday 22 December in Europe.

A combination of 31 'established' and 'newcomer' artists are in the running for the Eurovision this year. Six Aussievision team members have awarded the songs points in the usual Eurovision scoring system (i.e. 12 points, 10 points...etc) and then totaled for overall results.

See below to see which songs scored highly with our team!


9 (Equal). Arsi Bako - 'Zgjohu' (16 points)

Highs: 8 points Hayley, 6 points Liv

Lows: 0 points Mark & Dale

9 (Equal). Besa Kokëdhima - 'Zemrën n'dorë' (16 points)

Highs: 8 points Dale, 4 points Mark & Liv

Lows: 0 points Fleur, Hayley & Kyriakos

6 (Equal). Andi Tanko - 'Herë pas here' (18 points)

Highs: 10 points Hayley, 5 points Kyriakos

Lows: 0 points Liv, Mark & Dale

"Out of the rock songs in this selection, this one is definitely my favourite. This guy has a great rock voice!" ~Hayley

6 (Equal). Eldis Arrnjeti - 'Një kujtim' (18 points)

Highs: 8 points Fleur & Kyriakos

Lows: 0 points Hayley, Mark & Liv

6 (Equal). Mal Retkoceri - 'Çmendur' (18 points)

Highs: 7 points Fleur, 6 points Dale, 5 points Mark

Lows: 0 points Liv, Kyriakos & Hayley

5. Erina and the Elementals - 'Jetën n'skaj' (19 points)

Highs: 6 points Kyriakos, 5 points Dale

Lows: 0 points Mark

4. Tiri Gjoci - 'Në ëndërr' (24 points)

Highs: 8 points Liv, 7 points Hayley

Lows: 0 points Mark & Kyriakos

3. Anduel Kovaçi - 'Nan'' (32 points)

Highs: 12 points Liv, 10 points Dale

Lows: 0 points Kyriakos & Mark

"I don't want to be dramatic - but this is one of the best performances I've ever seen in my whole life. If Anduel doesn't go to Eurovision I'm going to cry for a very long time about it. Real tears. Rivers of tears. Eurofan tears. I have watched this performance about 50 times through since Thursday and I STILL GET CHILLS. His vocal is phenomenal, the song is STUNNING with the orchestra and it doesn't hurt that he is a good looking lad. Bravo Anduel, another fantastic entry!! " ~Liv

"This is just stunning from Anduel. His voice is just phenomenal and it's the polar opposite from Luan. Traditional, and understated while still allowing for some big moments, this was so close to taking out my 12 points. I would not be mad if this won, though I'd be a little concerned how it would go in a public vote at Eurovision." ~Dale

2. Elsa Lila - 'Mars' (35 points)

Highs: 10 points Liv & Kyriakos, 7 points Dale

Lows: 2 points Hayley, 1 point Mark

"For another year Elsa absolutely delivers a stunning performance! Is she ready to win FiK back to back?! Such a beautiful ballad with emotive vocals with her signature sound." ~Kyriakos

"Elsa is an absolutely captivating performer. Class ALL over. I wouldn't be surprised if she wins FiK again. I love the way she performs with her eyes mostly closed and then opens them for important, majestic moments of the song. This tune is sensational, delicate but also powerful. Truly spellbinding and a standout." ~Liv

1. Luan Durmishi - 'Përsëritja' (67 points)

Highs: 12 points Fleur, Dale, Hayley, Kyriakos & Mark

Lows: 7 points Liv

"This is electro, experimental madness and I love it. A compelling performance from Luan takes you on quite a journey. It takes inspiration from 90s club and deep 80s synth while remaining current with a sound that is coming out of Eastern Europe. The closing almost goes full Soviet chorus on us. It's new, it's bonkers, it's perfect. Send it to Malmo!" ~Dale

"I can only hope that Albania sends this electro gem. From the opening of the song, it just grabs you. It is certainly different but I sincerely mean that in a good way. Luan Durmishi commands the stage in a unique way and I am here for it." ~Fleur

"Well well well what do we have here? This feels like an Albanian Roop and I AM HERE FOR IT! I don't even know how to describe this - its kind of like an experimental something something and I love it ! It's absolutely mesmerising and this is going straight to my coveted national final favourites playlist. I see this on the Eurovision stage!" ~Hayley

"As Kath and Kim would say "It's Noice, It's Different, It's Unusual". This performance absolutely stands out! It is unique and super catchy. Would love Albania take a risk and send an entry like this to Eurovision." ~Kyriakos

"One part Gregorian chant, one part cyberpunk, Luan's entry is instantly iconic. And it's Eurovision catnip straight out of the Konstrakta playbook: a clear visual identity, memorable choreography, and probably a political message? How about that moment at the two-minute mark, huh? Try forgetting that one come voting time. This will divide, but deserves to conquer. A Mama ŠČ of 2024." ~Mark

Other Placings

11. Sergio Hajdini - 'Uragan' (13 points)

12. Irma Lepuri - 'Më prit' (11 points)

13. Big Basta and Vesa Luma - 'Mbinatyrale' (10 points)

13. Stivi Ushe - 'Askush si ty' (10 points)

13. Santino De Bartolo - 'Dua të rri me ty' (10 points)

16. Troy Band - 'Horizonti i ëndrrave' (9 points)

17. Besa Krasniqi - 'Esenciale' (5 points)

17. Kleansa Susaj - 'Pikturë' (5 points)

19. Michela Paluca - 'Për veten' (4 points)

20. Festina Mejzini - 'Melos' (3 points)

20. Olimpia Smajlaj - 'Asaj' (3 points)

22. Bledi Kaso - 'Çdo gjë mbaroi' (2 points)

Nul points

Eden Baja - 'Ajër'

Jasmina Hako - 'Ti'

Jehona Ponari - 'Evol'

Kastro Zizo - '2073'

Martina Serreqi -'Vetëm ty'

Melodajn Mancaku -'Nuk jemi më'

Olsi Ballta - 'Unë'

PeterPan Quartet - 'Edhe një herë'

Shpat Deda 'S'mund t'fitoj pa ty'

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