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ABBA release their very first Christmas single 'Little Things'

ABBA are releasing their fourth official single from their new album 'Voyage', and it's a Christmas themed song, 'Little Things' - a first for the band.

'Little Things' is a gentle reflection on the joy of Christmas morning and family time around this special time of year. A music video has also been released.

To celebrate the occasion they have released the song on compact disc along with Christmas themed ABBA merchandise.

To celebrate the release the band have released a 'Little Things' knitted jumper, puzzle, scarf, socks and baubles. You can order the Christmas merchandise through their UK web store here:

ABBA have release three other songs as singles so far from 'Voyage'. 'I Still Have Faith In You' and 'Don't Shut me Down' were jointly release in early September and immediately made an impact on the download and streaming charts.

In October the Swedish band released 'Just A Notion' to the delight of ABBA fans. The song was first recorded back in 1978 but was never released - until this year.

'Voyage' was released in November reaching at No. 1 in numerous countries around the world, and landed at No. 2 in the US on the Billboard 200, making chart history for the band giving them their first top 10 in the United States.

Can ABBA score their first No. 1 single in the UK since 1980? Or their second No. 1 single in Sweden this year? Or even their first No. 1 in Australia since 'Money, Money, Money'? Will have to wait and see!

'Little Things' is available on compact disc and on all online music streaming services and iTunes.


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