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Aussievision jury - Marcel from Netherlands

For the Aussievision song review podcast series we went out to 12 Europeans and 12 Australians to get their full 41 song order. This was way back in March. Over the next few days we'll be going back to some of these jury members to get their thoughts ahead of the live show last week. First up is:

Marcel from The Netherlands

His original March jury vote:

1. Netherlands

2. Italy

3. Slovenia

4. Switzerland

5. Azerbaijan

28. Australia

Who is your favourite and has that changed?

My favourite since the moment all songs were released has been "Arcade" from Duncan Laurence. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit patriotic but it's just the song that gets to me the most. Even if we don't win this will be one of my all time Dutch Eurovision favourites. But if I exclude my own country then it would be Mahmood without a doubt. Just love "Soldi". Netherlands and Italy have been my top 2 all along!

Who do you think will win?

All the time I am saying that I think Russia or Sweden will win... but that's just to protect myself in case Duncan doesn't win... and I guess now is the time to be honest... I hope and think Netherlands is gonna win and if we don't win please send help because I will need it badly! There I have said it. Hup Holland Hup.

Who do you think will do better than expected?

I think (and hope) that both Serbia en Slovenia will do much better than the odds are currently indicating.

Who is your potential shock to not qualify?

I'm very afraid that Greece will be a shocking NQ.

How do you think Australia will do and has it changed in your ranking?

Haha, oh yes it did change in my ranking! I didn't like the song at all when it was picked, but it grew on me. I don't skip it anymore when it comes on play so that's something... Some small parts even sound epic. But still Kate is somewhere near 20 in my personal top 41 of this year. That being said, the staging looks great and is far less messy than it was during your (fantastic) NF. So even if it's not my personal favourite I have a feeling she will get a top 10 position in final. I'm guessing 8th.

Any other comments or predictions?

If you ever get in the position that your country is the bookies favourites, grow some skin but you better enjoy the ride! It may take you 44 years to experience that feeling again haha. There will always be haters or people that don't like your song, but that's life. And finally, thanks for asking me these questions guys and keep up the good work, I love everything about it. And of course good luck to you and Kate!

Thank you Marcel - probably the nicest Eurofan out there and good luck to the Netherlands!

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