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OGAE Australia Poll - Full Breakdown

Earlier this week the wonderful team at OGAE Australia delivered the full results of our poll. The 77 OGAE Club members voted and these were the results.

However the OGAE Club delivered the results in a video that showed the state by state breakdown. We pulled out the numbers and have listed below the Top 20 ranking of each State and Territory.

For those who have trouble seeing the results above visit this link to see them in a new browser.

VIC = Victoria NSW = New South Wales QLD = Queensland WA = Western Australia SA = South Australia ACT = Australian Capital Territory (Canberra basically) and RoW = members outside of Australia. No results were received from Northern Territory or Tasmania.

So Italy won the contest despite finishing only 2nd and 3rd in the two biggest states.

Victoria and New South Wales had differing views on their favourites. VIC only ranked Sweden 6th while NSW had it =1st. New South Wales only voted Norway 7th which was Victoria's 1st.

Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland were the only nations to make every Top 10 list. Spain also made every Top 20.

Russia made the top 10 thanks to Victoria (10th) and New South Wales (7th). No one else had them in their 10.

Portugal made the top 10 thanks mainly to Victoria ranking it 9th (RoW also ranked 2nd but had small voting numbers).

Melbourne has one of the largest Greek populations outside Athens but only ranked Greece 17th, the second lowest among the States/Territories.

New South Wales were the only State or Territory to vote Israel into their Top 10 (or Top 20 for that matter).

Queensland voted Azerbaijan lowest and fan favourites Malta and San Marino didn't make the Top 20. They were the only ones to put Poland in their Top 10. This is the state Aussievision live in and we gave Poland nothing... We will claim Albania's 11th place in our State though!

Western Australia didn't go for the 'out there' songs voting Iceland the lowest of the larger states (7th) and Portugal didn't make the Top 20.

And the only nations not to make a Top 20 in any State or Territory were UK, Serbia, Moldova and Montenegro.

Overall it showed some vast differences between different regions of Australia and in the end it was a very close affair. We will see if these results match up with Australia's televote on May 18/19.

Australia's previous OGAE Poll Top 3 have been:

2018: Israel, Finland, Estonia

2017: Italy, Estonia, Sweden

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