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Eurovision Semi Final running order and analysis

Eurovision announced the running order for the two semi finals overnight.

Countries had already been allocate which semi final they would be competing in, plus which half of the show they would perform.

Australia will appear in 12th position in the first semi final, after outsiders Georgia but before fan favourites Iceland. There is however a chance the broadcaster and EBU may put the advertising break after the 6th an 12th song as they did last year. This may also help between Australia and Iceland if they both have large scale staging as it will allow more time to move equipment.

Historically 12th position has done well with 70% qualifying for that position since 2014.

Opening and close semi final one will be Cyprus and San Marino respectively. And in semi final two that will be Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In good news for Serhat fans 90% of show closers have qualified since 2014.

Meanwhile show openers have only qualified 60% of the time.

Second in the running order of each semi final is Montenegro and Ireland. Always seen as the 'death slot', it has infamous reputation however recently Nathan Trent (Austria 2017), Michal Szpak (Poland 2016) and Genealogy (Armenia 2015) have all qualified from there. Though it's poor 30% record since 2014 can't be denied or ignored.

Regardless of the running order we still believe in the mantra that if your song is good enough, it should get through.

We will find out in May!

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