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Australian Eurovision Fan of the Week - Zoe from Melbourne

Each week we profile a Eurovision fan from both Australia and overseas. This week's Aussie is Zoe from Melbourne. Read her Q&A with us below:

What is your name and where are you from?

I’m Zoe (@jurivision) and I’m from sunny Melbourne!

What do you do or tell us something interesting about you?

I’m a student studying Graphic Design and Digital Advertising in my second year as well as a barista.

That's fantastic - it combines two of my passions, digital (day job) and coffee! ~ Dale

When did you first get into Eurovision?

I remember watching it from when I was about 10, I was lucky enough to have some family members with great taste, haha. It took till 2014 and Conchita’s win for me to go full on euro-stan though.

An early starter, now that is some good child rearing ~ Aussievision

Which is your favourite Eurovision year and why?

I think it’d have to be 2014 just for that nostalgia factor. I remember listening to the album over and over and ignoring all my school work to just keep researching and learning about Eurovision and its long history.

If you could change one thing about Eurovision what would it be?

Bring the backing singers back on stage! They deserve the same kudos as everyone else, plus it's fun to spot now-contestants who once sang backing.

If you could only listen to three Eurovision songs for the rest of time, what would you choose?

O Jardim, Sebi and Tu Te Reconnaitras. The first two are so chill, I feel like I can never be in a bad mood when they’re on, and the latter is one of my favourite winners. I find myself often hitting the replay button whenever they come on, so surely eternity won’t be that bad.

Ha yes Anne-Marie was a cracking winner, three interesting choices, your eternity does sound chill with a side of French power ballad!

Which Eurovision song:

Had the best staging?

Amar Pelos Dois, because it had none. I think putting Salvador in the middle of the crowd elevated the song so much and without that he would have just got lost on the main stage and wouldn’t have won.

Great choice - good staging isn't always fireworks...

Best live vocal?

Mall comes to mind immediately, Eugent blew everyone out of the water last year, that man has some serious talent.

Incredible vocal, fantastic choice!

Was robbed?

PLAY. OH MY GOD. I will yell and yell about how Jüri deserved better till the end of time. He was done so dirty with that staging, and I will never forgive nor forget that he came last in his semi. I used to have it as my alarm so that the feeling of anger would stop me falling back asleep.

From before 2000 is your favourite?

Tu Te Reconnaitras again, but Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son would be a very close second.

Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son is one of my favourite songs of all time, dragged Eurovision into modern pop music ~ Mike

Do you enjoy more now, than when they performed?

1944 for sure. Maybe I was just bitter over Dami but I didn’t like it during 2016, and I couldn’t see it's appeal until I rewatched her grand final performance and it clicked. I love it a lot nowadays.

It pains me to say, but would have to agree. I couldn't watch the song for about a year, even though seeing it live gave me chills. The more I see it, the more merit I have for it, even though I still feel Russia or Australia would have been a better winner. ~ Dale

Did you last play?

Golden Boy, very appropriate for this year, haha.

Is your guilty pleasure?

Both Jedward songs. It's peak fast food music and they seem like they’re the personification of a weekend crack bender, but god it’s so fun.

Any other interesting honourable mentions?

I feel like Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa deserves way more love than it gets, Leonor was great live and that outfit with the wind machines was eeeeeeverything.

What are your favourite songs for Eurovision 2019?

Telemóveis and Sebi are my standout favourites, but I’m also loving Soldi, Spirit In The Sky, Arcade, Hatrið Mun Sigra and Pali Się.

And finally...

Tonight Again, Sound of Silence, Don’t Come Easy, We Got Love or Zero Gravity?

Tonight Again, the song is such a bop, Guy gave an amazing performance on the night and honestly, I think he’s the reason we’re still in it today.

Thank you so much for your time Zoe!

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