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Sunday morning national final winners off to Tel Aviv

So another busy Sunday morning in Australia saw five national finals completed and five new songs for Tel Aviv.

The winners were:


In a popular result for the fans, Hatari the BDSM inspired group waging a war on capitalism, won Songvakeppnin with their song 'Hatrið mun sigra' (translated as 'Hate Will Win'). They beat our Fridrik Omar who represented Iceland in 2009 as part of 'Euroband'.


In another popular win KEiiNO took out Norway's Melodi Grand Prix with their song 'Spirit in the Sky'. The song features Sami language representing the people of the Sapmi region which covers the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The international jury preferred D'Sound or Adrian Jørgensen but ultimately the Norwegian public had their say, sending them on their way to Israel.


And to complete the trifecta of fan favourites winning Conan Osíris stormed the jury and televote to win Festival Da Canção this morning. His unique and experimental song Telemóveis. Watch his winning performance below.


We had a rare solo female winner this National Final season with Anna Odobescu winning O melodie pentru Europa 2019 with her song "Stay".

The song won the jury vote comfortably and finished 2nd in the televote to beat out Maxim Zavidia.


We knew Darude was representing Finland with the singer Sebastian Rejman but we didn't know which song he would.

It always looked to be a battle between Superman and Look Away but in the end Look Away stormed it home. It won with 244 points ahead of Superman on 147.


Is yet to be announced... stay tuned.

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