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International Eurovision Fan of the Week - Simon from Swindon

Our international Eurovision Fan of the Week is Simon from Swindon, aka @backtothewater on Twitter.

What is your name and where are you from?

Simon and I’m from Swindon in the UK.

What do you do or tell us something interesting about you?

I work as a Product Marketing Manger and I’ve got a cocker spaniel called Monty.

When did you first get into Eurovision?

I’ve loved it since I was a kid and Gina G is my earliest memory. I’d say I’ve been a “big” fan since 2011 and went to my first Eurovision in Vienna (2015)

Gina G is always a great way to get into the contest ~ Aussievision

Which is your favourite Eurovision year and why?

Tough one but I think its 2014. I love so many of the entries, the stage was incredible, the hosts were fun and it was the first time as an adult I felt proud of a UK entry in Molly. 2009 gets an honourable mention as well for the strength of songs.

Two fantastic years, we approve!

If you could change one thing about Eurovision what would it be?

I’d allow entries to be 3mins 30secs in length. Modern pop songs lend themselves so much better to this format and I think it would allow greater commercial success for entries in the contest.

Fair enough, we are fans of the 3 minute rule but lots want it extended it seems!

How do you think UK has been going in Eurovision recently? Are you on the right track?

I’ll try not to rant here but it’s still fairly depressing. When the You Decide format was introduced a few years ago it was looking promising but the production value of the show has been consistently poor, entries (apart from Lucy) have been Eurovision by numbers or basic repetitive pop songs and we’ve pretty much got what we deserve - right hand side of the board. Being positive I’d say in Lucie, SuRie and now Michael we’ve sent some great vocalists, but in short the BBC need to step up their game, take some risks and realise we’re in 2019 and not 1999.


If you could only listen to three Eurovision songs for the rest of time, what would you choose?

Say It Again - Precious (1999) Silent Storm - Carl Epsen (2014) Loreen - Euphoria (2012)

Ha wow VERY different songs!

Which Eurovision song:

Had the best staging?

Heroes - Mäns Zelmerlöw (2015)

Best live vocal?

Undo - Sanna Nielsen (2014)


Was robbed?

Sound of Silence - Dami Im (2016) / Fuego - Eleni Foureira (2018)

Approved x 2

From before 2000 is your favourite?

Say It Again - Precious (1999)

Do you enjoy more now, than when they performed?

Jan Jan - Inga & Anush (2009)

Did you last play?

Open Your Heart - Birgitta (2003)

Is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, especially when it comes to Eurovision. Just to get a mention for it I’ll say One More Night - Esther Hart (2003)

Any other interesting honourable mentions?

Eek, too many to mention but here are some of favourites:

Slow Down - Douwe Bob (2016) Die For You - Antique (2001) Angel - Chiara (2005) Je N’ai Que Mon Âme - Natasha St Pier (2001) We Got Love - Jessica Mauboy (2018)

Every single one of those is fantastic!

What national finals are you most looking forward to?

Australia Decides was brilliant. I always enjoy Melodifestivalen, MGP for Norway, Dansk MGP for Denmark and Unser Lied für in Germany as well.

Do you already have a favourite song for 2019?

Out of the entries we’ve got so far I’m going to say Soldi by Mahmood (Italy).

What do you think of Australia being in Eurovision?

I love it, you’ve brought fresh, exciting and quality entries every year. The NF this year gave me even more to enjoy - 7/10 songs from the final have made my Eurovision playlist. I can’t lie, I’m gutted Electric Fields aren’t bringing 2000 & Whatever to Tel Aviv though.

I don't think we've heard that yet? :P

And finally...

Tonight Again, Sound of Silence, Don’t Come Easy, We Got Love or Zero Gravity? We Got Love

Thanks for your time Simon!

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