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Aussievision Australia Decides Poll - the results

After all 10 songs were released for Eurovision Australia Decides, we polled fans on their favourites for the contest.

Rather than a usual 12, 10, 8 to 1 survey, we wanted to more closely represent a potential televote. Those taking part had three votes and could use them all on one song or distribute them out to two or three songs.

We received 334 votes, with 263 of those from Australia. After weeding out some spam and multiple voters (yes we can tell) these were the results of the Australian 'televote'.

1. Kate Miller-Heidke - 'Gravity': 29.4%

2. Electric Fields - '2000 and Whatever': 27.3%

3. Sheppard - 'On My Way': 15.9%

=4. Courtney Act - 'Fight for Love': 6.8%

=4. Leea Nanos - 'Set Me Free': 6.8%

6. Alfie Arcuri - 'To Myself': 3.9%

7. Ella Hooper - 'Data Dust': 3.5%

8. Mark Vincent - 'This is Not The End': 3.2%

9. Aydan - 'Dust': 2.3%

10. Tania Doko - 'Piece of Me': 0.9%

We must note that only the 40 second snippet of Tania's song was available at time of polling.

Interestingly out of the European voters that took part the top three were in a different order. It was:

1. Electric Fields - '2000 and Whatever': 27.3%

2. Sheppard - 'On My Way': 23.0%

3. Kate Miller-Heidke - 'Gravity': 16.4%

You can hear our analysis as well as fan views and our own rankings of each song in our Australia Decides Podcast Series. Each song is one bite size episode of around 10 minutes.

Listen via:

Or wherever you get your podcast!

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