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Take 5 with Xonia

As we've previously reported Xonia, an Australian born and raised artist, is competing in Romania's Selecția Națională.

She has built a hugely successful career in Romania and her song 'Discrete' will be in the second semi final taking place on Sunday February 10.

Read her quick 'Take 5' chat with us below:

1. We know you're an Australian with a strong Romanian heritage, what brought about the decision to be based in Romania itself?

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia from both parents of Romanian decent. After graduating from The Australian Ballet School,I continued my music studies in LA at Hollywood Pop Academy. I relocated to Romania at 19 years of age after I represented Australia in the second biggest singing competition in Europe after Eurovision called ' The Golden Stage' (Cerbul de Aur). After reaching the finals I was spotted by Universal Music and offered a record deal. I signed with them and through contractual obligations I had to remain in Bucharest.

2. You're an accomplished dancer and you've also done acting, was it hard to focus more on your singing career?

I did music, ballet and acting in parallel as long as I could. I love performing and being on stage, but at one point I had to make a decision on which direction I will focus on and I chose music at the time. Dancing has always been with me since I dance in all my music videos and on stage. I hope to return to acting one day.

3. Why have you chosen this year to take part in Selecția Națională?

I've been thinking to participate for some time now though this year I chose to participate because of the changes in the regulations. I will be preparing a song for this years pre-selection for Australia.

4. What would it personally mean to you to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest?

It would defiantly be a dream come true and proof that dreams do come true.

5. In your video for Discrete, you are booking a flight back to Melbourne, is there anything you miss about Australia?

I miss everything about Australia. The mentality, customer service, lifestyle, the people, the law and your right as a citizen, the opportunities you have and the value you have in a workplace. The air, the beaches, the sun and the freedom to express yourself, to be you. We are very lucky in Australia. Yes it's an expensive country but our country has so much that it offers us and we are blessed to have so many ways to develop our passions and talents and live in an environment that takes care of our health and well being.

Thank you so much for your time Xonia and hopefully see you in Australia soon.

Watch Xonia's song Discrete below:

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