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Returning artists attempting a 2019 comeback

There are a host of former entrants attempting to perform once again on the Eurovision stage. Some of singing again, some are composing. Check out our list of them below by country.


M I H A I - represented Romania at the 2006 contest with 'Tornero' finishing 4th. He has attempted to represent Romania again on three occasions but this year swapped to Belarus after issues with wildcards given in their national final. He will be singing 'Baya'.


Jacques Houdek - Jacques represented Croatia in 2017 with 'My Friend' finishing 13th. Althought he himself is not attempting to perform again, he has penned a song for Croatians national final. The song is called 'The Dream' and will be performed by Roko Blažević.


Sandra Nurmsalu - Sandra was the lead vocallist of 'Urban Symphony' who competed at the 2009 contest with 'Randajad' finishing 6th. She is competing in Eesti Laul as a solo act with her song Soovide puu' (Tree of Wishes).

The Swingers - The group is made up of Estonia's 2013 performer Birgit Õigemeel (who sang “Et uus saaks alguse”) and their 2014 Tanja who performed “Amazing”. 'Their entry is: High Heels in the Neighbourhood'


Madame Monsieur - The duo finished 13th at last year's contest with 'Mercy'. They are the co-composers of Bilal's song 'Roi' in this years' Destination Eurovision. ~UPDATE 'Roi' won the French Selection, so Madame Monsieur's entry will be in Tel Aviv~


Mariam Kakhelishvili - Mariam finished 4th at Junior Eurovision in 2010 and is part of the the ten acts competing on Georgian Idol for a place at this year's contest.


Joci Papai - Joci performed 'Origo' at the 2017 contest giving Hungary a very respectable 8th place finish. This year he is back again with his song 'Az én apám' which means 'My Father'.

The Middletonz - András Kállay-Saunders is a member of this band and he was also the Hungarian representative back in 2014 finishing if 5th place with 'Running'. The Middletonz will be performing 'Rozes' at A Dal.

Alex Marta - Alex represented Hungary as ByeAlex in 2013 with Kedvesem, finishing in 10th place. He is a co-composer of USNK's song in A Dal this year called "Posztolj" (Make a post).


Hera Bjork - In the year the Icelandic volcano grounded Europe, Hera floored many with her song 'Je ne sais quoi' which finished (a criminally low) 19th place. She is competing in the Songvakeppnin (the Iceland national final) with 'Eitt andartak' with the English title 'Moving On'.

Friðrik Ómar - Back in 2008 Euroband represented Iceland with their Eurobanger 'This is My Life'. Friðrik was the male vocalist in the duo and the entry finished in 14th in the final. He too is competing in Songvakeppnin with the entry 'Hvað ef ég get ekki elskað?' - English title 'What If I Can't Have Love?'.

Svala - Svala represented Iceland at the 2017 contest with her song 'Paper' which unfortunately didn't progress past the semi final. This year she is one of the composers on the song Nú og hér" (English title "What Are You Waiting For?') from Þórdís Imsland.


Il Volo - The group finished 3rd at the competitive 2015 with 'Grande Amore' contest despite winning the televote. They will perform Musica che resta at the Sanremo Song Music Festival this year.


Aminata Savadogo - Aminata competing at the 2015 contest with her song 'Love Injected' finishing in 6th place. Although not singing herself this year, she is a composer on the track 'Fireworks' performed by Alekss Silvērs.


Jurgis Didžiulis - Jurgis was part of the group InCulto who performed 'Eastern European Funk' at the 2010 contest and finished 12th in the semi final. This year he is performing with Erica Jennings with their song 'Sing!'

Sasha Song - Sasha competed for Lithuania back in 2009 with the song 'Love' which finished 23rd. He is performing with another artist 'Doville' and will sing the song 'Bad Boy'.

Donny Montell - Donny competed at Eurovision twice, in 2012 with 'Love is Blind' finishing 14th and 2016 with 'I've Been Waiting for this Night' which finished 9th. He isn't performing himself this year but is a co-composter of the Justina Budaitė-Junà song "Strength of a Woman".


Andrea Demirović - Andrea competed for Montenegro in 2009 with the song 'Just Get Out of My Head' finishing 11th in her semi final. This year she will be competing with 'Ja sam ti san' (I am your dream)


Mørland - He competed in 2015 with Debrah Scarlett singing 'A Monster Like Me' which finished in 8th place. This year he will be attempting to represent Norway with the song 'En livredd mann'. He is also a co-composer on Adrian Jørgensen's song 'The Bubble'

Aleksander Walman - Aleksander competed in 2017 with Jowst sining 'Grab The Moment' which finished in 10th place. This year he won't be singing but has an entrant as a co-composer of Adrian Jørgensen's song 'The Bubble' (alongside Mørland)

Laura Groeseneken - Laura (aka Sennek) represented Belgium last year with her song 'A Matter of Time', unfortunately not getting past the semi finals. This year she has co-written the song 'Hold Me Down' performed by Carina Dahl.


Nicola - She represented Romania back in 2002 with her song 'Don’t Break my Heart' which finished in 10th place. This year she be singing 'Weight of the World'.

Ovi - Ovi is known for perfomring alongside Paul Seling with their two entires in Eurovision - 'Playing with Fire' in 2010 and 'Miracle' in 2014 finishing 4th and 12th respectively. He is a co-composer of the Oliver Kaye song 'Right Now'.


Marayya - The duo represented Slovenia in 2015 with their song 'Here for You' which finished 14th. They are involved in two songs as composers this year, Kim with 'Rhythm Back to You' and Ula Ložar with 'Fridays'.

Ula Ložar - Mentioned above, Ula represented Slovenia at Junior Eurovision in 2014.


Anna Bergendahl - Anna performed at the 2010 with her song 'This is My Life' and finished 11th in her semi final. The only Swedish artist not to qualify for the final. She is back this year with 'Ashes to Ashes'.

Arvingarna - The group competed for Sweden back in 1993 finished 7th. This year they will perform "I Do"

Benjamin Ingrosso - He competed in the 2018 contest with 'Dance You Off' this year he is back as a co-composer on the Bishara track 'On My Own'.

Robin Stjernberg - Robin performed in the 2013 contest with 'You' finishing 14th. This year he is a co-composer on Omar's song 'Om igen'.

Martin Stenmarck - Martin represented Sweden in 2005 with 'Las Vegas'. This year he is performing "Låt skiten brinna" (Let the Shit Burn)


Sebalter - Sebalter performed in 2014 with his whistling track 'Hunter of Stars' which finsihed 13th. This year he is attempting to make Eurovision again with his song 'Carry the Light'.

Have we missed anyone Let us know @aussievisionnet

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