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Seemone wins second semi final of Destination Eurovison

There was another run-away victor in this week's Destination Eurovision semi final with Seemone winning comfortably over Emmanuel Moire.

Her emotional performance of 'Tous les deux' received 12 points from each international juror (which included Christer Bjorkman, Zoe and Mikolas Josef). However, unlike Bilal last week, she could only finish second in the public vote narrowing losing out to the popular Emmanuel Moire.

They joined The Divas and Doutson into the final. Fan favourite and Canadian-native Gabriella, narrowly missed out finishing in fifth place.

The final standings were:

  1. Seemone - "Tous les deux" - 113 points

  2. Emmanuel Moire - "La promesse" - 84

  3. The Divaz - "La voix d'Aretha" - 54

  4. Doutson - "Sois un bon fils" - 39

  5. Ugo - "Ce qui me blesse" - 38

  6. Gabriella - "On cherche encore (Never Get Enough)" - 32

  7. PhilipElise - "Madame la paix" -31

  8. Tracy de Sá - "Por aqui" -15

  9. Noémie - "Ma petite famille" -14

The Destination Eurovision Grand Final will take place next Saturday 26 January (Central European Time).

You can see our review and reaction of the semi final below:

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