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Results of A Dal Heat One

The first heat of Hungary's national final 'A Dal' was completed overnight. 10 acts competing with five going through from the jury vote and one artist saved by the public.

The joint winners of the heat were:

Gergő Szekér - "Madár, repülj!"

Gergő Oláh - "Hozzád bújnék"

This is Gergő Oláh's fourth attempt at 'A Dal' with his best result a Superfinal spot in 2016 behind Freddie with 'Pioneer'.

The other jury qualifiers were:

Timi Antal feat. Gergő Demko - "Kedves Világ!"

Konyha -"Százszor visszajátszott"

Nomad - "A remény hídjai"

While the public saved:

DENIZ - "Ide várnak vissza"

Fan favourite Oliver Berkes just missed out getting through.

There will be two more heats, before two semi final and then the final on 23rd February. So strap in and get comfortable!

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