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Australian Eurovision Fan of the Week - Holly from Melbourne

Each week we feature an Australian and International Fan of the week. This week's Australian fan is Holly from Melbourne aka @esc_hdub

Her outfit in this pic also won best dressed at the recent OGAE Australia party. So well done there!

What is your name and where are you from?

Holly, from Melbourne

What do you do or tell us something interesting about you?

I’m a classically trained vocalist, a keen quizzer, and an aspiring music teacher – I look forward to seamlessly slipping Eurovision into every curriculum I write! I was also the Eurovision expert on a show called Hard Quiz, but we don’t talk about that one.

We didn't know you were a classically trained vocalist, that's amazing! ~ Aussievision

When did you first get into Eurovision?

I first watched in 2010, when the TV was on in the background at a friend’s house, and immediately fell in love with Lena, but the first year I watched properly was 2012.

Which is your favourite Eurovision year and why?

2015 is my favourite for so many reasons. It was the first year I woke up to watch the proceedings live, it features some of my all time favourite songs, including Autumn Leaves (if we forget that goshdarn live performance!), Love Injected and Goodbye to Yesterday, and of course Australia got an invite!

Such a good year! All great songs mentioned too.... (well maybe we leave Autumn Leaves out...)

Which Eurovision song:

Is the best?

Euphoria. An instant classic.

Is overrated?

Fuego. Sorry, I just don’t get it.

What! *clutches pearls* Was robbed?

Love Injected. The vocals give me shivers every time! Had the best live performance?

The staging for My Lucky Day was incredible! In terms of vocals alone though, Dami for sure.

Both fine choices

Did you last play?

I’ve been blasting my JESC playlist of late! The last ‘big boy’ ESC tune I listened to was Toy.

Is your guilty pleasure?

I stopped feeling guilt a long time ago! Maybe Hey Mamma? It’s still my ringtone.

What other countries do you tend to support?

Every year I try to go in blind, but as soon as Italy’s song is released I give in and have to listen. I also love Belarus and Hungary, two very strong countries who are due for success soon!

What do you think of Australia being in Eurovision?

I love it! The contest started because Europe needed to reconnect, and music is a universal language that everyone can enjoy. It’s such an honour to be in the Olympics of Song, especially given our multicultural society and strong connections to Europe.

What do you think of Australia having a national final?

I can’t wait! I’m really excited for the Australian public to have a say in who we send to the contest – our last couple of entries have fallen flat with the televote and I’d love to see that change. Australians have a history of voting for visually captivating, upbeat numbers, and it’d be great to send something along those lines – something that reflects our taste, history, and capabilities as a nation of performers and music lovers.

You're spot on with who Australians vote for... will be interesting to see how that translates to Australia Decides...

Out of the seven artists announced so far who are you most excited about?

I’ve been a huge fan of Kate Miller-Heidke for years, and can’t wait to see what kind of magic she brings to the stage, but Electric Fields have got to be the most exciting. They represent so much diversity, and I’ve been hoping since our inclusion in the competition to hear some music with an indigenous influence or language.

Can't wait to see what they bring!

What other national finals are you most looking forward to?

I have a really nasty habit of getting too attached to national final songs, but the Aussie Eurofan contingent on Twitter is slowly convincing me to jump in. I’m definitely excited for Israel’s selection process, as well as Sanremo!

Join in the fun and the heartache!

Any prediction of what we might see in Tel Aviv this year?

I would LOVE to see another nation win for the first time. The Czech Republic is lifting their game massively, and Poland and Belarus have a great JESC record so I’d love them to have their moment on the big stage.

Tonight Again, Sound of Silence, Don’t Come Easy or We Got Love?

Tonight Again, a thousand times over.

Holly thanks for joining us!

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