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Aussievision Song Contest - the results


Thank you to the 128 who voted in the inaugural Aussievision Song Contest.

Each State and Territory was represented by a song and artist who then battled out to get the votes of the public, who made up two-thirds of the vote, and the Aussievision jury, who made up the remaining points.

The results, thanks to our Eurovision friend Christopher Dean, have been turned into a scoreboard video running through which State/Territory voted for which song, where the jury points went and who won the contest.

Watch the video above and see the full jury results further down the page.

SCROLL DOWN for results and full jury ranking and comments (including from Moldova Eurovision 2016 entrant Lidia Isac)

Aussievision Song Contest results

  • 1st - Troye Sivan (Western Australia) - My My My 136 points

  • 2nd - 5SOS (New South Wales) - Youngblood 118 points

  • 3rd - Kylie Minogue (Victoria) - Dancing 105 points

  • 4th - Amy Shark (Queensland) - I Said Hi 89 points

  • 5th - Sia (South Australia) - Flames 83 points

  • 6th - Jessica Mauboy (Northern Territory) - Then I Met You 66 points

  • 7th - Peking Duk (Australian Capital Territory) - Wasted 56 points

  • 8th - Wolfe Brothers (Tasmania) - Ain't Seen it Yet 31 points

Full jury results with comments:

Lidia Isac - Eurovision contestant 2016 for Moldova

12 - Troye Sivan - My My My (WA) - My ultimate crush

10 - Sia - Flames (SA)

8 - Peking Duk - Wasted (ACT) - A good vibe song that I didn't know before. Like it.

6 - 5SOS - Youngblood (NSW) Catchy one.

4 -Kylie Minogue - Dancing (VIC) - Always young and beautiful.

The next 3 didn't really grow on me although they are nice songs

3 - Amy Shark - I Said Hi (QLD)

2 - Jessica Mauboy - Then I Met You (NT)

1 - Wolfe Brothers - Ain't Seen it Yet (TAS)

Jono Duffy - Creative Director for Iceland Eurovision 2016

12 - Troye Sivan - My My My (WA) who new twink bait would grow on me?

10 - Peking Duk - Wasted (ACT) music video Looks like a bio pic about an average saturday morning in Shia laboeuf’s life

8 - Amy Shark - I Said Hi (QLD) COINSLANDERRRRRR

6 - 5SOS - Youngblood (NSW) - My niece had to explain to me that this is a band and not the online clothing store (ASOS)

4 - Kylie Minogue - Dancing (VIC) - Is kylie slowly turning into dolly parton?

3 - Sia - Flames (SA) This is where I would take a break from the dance floor and grab a drink

2- Jessica Mauboy - Then I Met You (NT) just a key change short of a eurovision banger

1 - Wolfe Brothers - Ain't Seen it Yet (TAS) this whole song could be used in a commercial for carlton draught… or cascade lager

Ellie Chalkley - ESC Insight journalist and podcaster

12 - My My My - Troye gives me exactly what I want in terms of slinky late night ambience

10 - Youngblood - Stop making me like 5SoS, good grief this is good.

8 - Dancing - Kylie FOREVER. This makes me want am album of Kylie/Dolly Parton duets

6 - Then I Met You

4 - Wasted

3 - Ain’t Seen It Yet

2 - Flames

1 - I Said Hi

Andy Claus - Popchops podcaster

12 - MY MY MY! - TROYE SIVAN - Euphoric, lusty, slick - the first single from Bloom is one of my favourite tracks of the year worldwide. I love that Troye is having fun, embracing his identity and giving us solid bangers. The fact that one of the most exciting pop stars on the planet is openly gay and unashamed is just the icing on the cake.

10 - YOUNGBLOOD - 5 SOS - I haven't delved much into 5SOS until this point, but Youngblood is an undeniable track. Well written, super confident and hs just the right amount of grit to set it apart from other pop songs.

8 - DANCING - KYLIE - Dancing is pure, unadulterated pop joy - which is exactly what I want from Kylie. A banger.

6 - I SAID HI - AMY SHARK - Sharky has a knack for a bittersweet, earwormy pop hook. T-Swift would have killed to have had this track on Reputation.

4 - FLAMES - SIA - Sia doing what Sia does best - a big, soaring, inspirational ballad. We've definitely gone through a period of Sia over-saturation, but this is one of her best tracks in yonks.

3 - THEN I MET YOU - JESSICA MAUBS Love Jess, definitely one of the finest Aussie vocalists in pop music right now. A cute track - it doesn't flood my basement but it's catchy.

2 - WASTED - PEKING DUK - Everything is on-point, sleek and polished, but I think it's a little generic - Peking Duk have done more exciting work in my opinion!

1 - AIN'T SEEN IT YET - THE WOLFE BROTHERS I'm a wee bit biased because I don't idenify with country music. The production and vocals sound solid enough but... won't be giving this too many spins I'm afraid.

Dan Schmidt from AdeLOL Podcast

12 - Amy Shark

An amazing track Pop without pretension, lots of bite and grit without trying too hard. Whatever ‘it’ is, Amy has it. Nice to see a great Shark come from state typically known for a bunch of croc. (sorry, Dale)

10 - SIA

She made South Australia famous for something other than bizarre serial killers and weird milk drinks. But seems she doesn’t even have time to Skype home anymore, which is fine because the electricity has been off for weeks. She didn’t need to pair up with David Guetta to make a great track, I prefer her own stuff, but this is still cooler than a Farmers Union Iced Coffee.

8- Jessica Mauboy

Sticks in your head like clothes to your skin in Darwin. Thanks for making a catchy love pop ballad, but no so catchy that it will be flogged to death by commercial radio and wedding DJs. If this were on an Ed Sheeran album, we’d all hate it by now.

6 - Kylie

She still got it. You know what, she’ll always have it. Unashamedly fun, but I think the guitar riff is stolen from Green Day’s ‘Minority’. First the Grand Prix, and now this, classic Victoria.

4 - Peking duck

A good track, I felt it needed to lift and bring it home a little more though, unfortunately it didn’t. Slightly underwhelming and a little cold, so a great representation of our nation’s capital.

3 - Troye Sivan

I’ve never heard of this guy before, despite millions of subscribers, because let’s face it, WA is essentially a different country. I didn’t dig the track, but watched the film clip dozen times because he is very, very good looking. Subscribed.

2 - 5sos

In true NSW fashion, they seem to be their own biggest fans. Bland, commercial, manufactured, and purely there to make money. Yep, they must be from Sydney.

1 - Wolfe bros

Who would’ve thought country western mixed with light indie beats would work well. No, seriously, who? Because it doesn’t. At least they managed to get most country rock cliches into one film clip, including a terrible Tennessee accent. Impersonating Southern rednecks really won’t help you break that stereotype know the one I’m talking about.

Connor T from ESC United

12 points – Youngblood – Five Seconds to Summer

10 points – Dancing – Kylie Minogue

8 points – My My My – Troye Sivan 6 points – Ain’t Seen It Yet – The Wolfe Brothers

4 points – I Said Hi – Amy Shark

3 points – Wasted – Peking Duk

2 points – Flames – David Guetta ft. Sia

1 point – Then I Met You – Jessica Mauboy

Renee Pozzi - Australian composer

12 - Troye Sivan - My My My (WA)

10 - Sia - Flames (SA)

8 - Peking Duk - Wasted (ACT)

6 - 5SOS - Youngblood (NSW)

4 - Amy Shark - I Said Hi (QLD)

3 - Jessica Mauboy - Then I Met You (NT)

2 - Wolfe Brothers - Ain't Seen it Yet (TAS)

1 - Kylie Minogue - Dancing (VIC)

Lisa-Jayne Lewis - Eurovision journalist and commentator, Manager to Slavko Kalezic

12 - Sia - Flames

10 - Kylie Minogue - Dancing

8 - 5SOS - Young blood

6 - Troye Sivan - My My My

4 - Jessica Mauboy - Then I Met You

3 - Amy Shark - I Said Hi

2 - Wolfe Bros - Ain't Seen it Yet

1 - Peking Duk - Wasted

Robyn Gallager from Wiwibloggs

12 - 5SOS - Youngblood (NSW)

10 - Troye Sivan - My My My (WA)

8 - Amy Shark - I Said Hi (QLD)

6 - Peking Duk - Wasted (ACT)

4 - Sia - Flames (SA)

3 - Jessica Mauboy - Then I Met You (NT)

2 - Kylie Minogue - Dancing (VIC)

1- Wolfe Brothers - Ain't Seen it Yet (TAS)

Chris Holland from Gold1043 and back-up Australian juror at Eurovision 2015

12 - Amy Shark - I Said Hi (QLD)

10 - Troy Sivan - My My My (WA)

8 - 5SOS - Youngblood (NSW)

6 - Peking Duk - Wasted (ACT)

4 - Jess Mauboy - Then I Met You (NT)

3 - Kylie Minogue - Dancing (VIC)

2 - Wolfe Brothers - Ain't Seen it Yet (TAS)

1 - Sia - Flames (SA)

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